What a Love Story

I've been reading the blog of Mary Anne for how many days now. I got interested upon reading the Love Story of Ron Navarro and Anne Abedoza. I can't wait to see how their love story ends. Will they end up together? ahehe.. Their Love Story makes me "kilig" Super! I remember my college days.. I remember someone.. hahahayyy.. (Mura kog buang cgeg katawa sa ofis samtang nagabasa sa ilang love story. Lingaw jud kaau as in!.) So if you have time, please read this one. http://terryannemary.com/. Somehow it will brighten your day "kay mag cge ra man kag katawa and kiligon sad ka sa ilahang duha..". hahahaha.

I look forward for tomorrow's post. 2 sets more to go! Weeee....

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  1. anne Says:

    oi salamat sa pag promote dinhia lol hehehehe