☼ Last Day of work ☼

Woah! I can't imagine that this gonna be our last day of work at the old office because we'll be transferring to a new and spacious office on Monday somewhere in uhmm, i forgot the street but it's located in front of Victory Chapel and beside Golden Bell. I don't know what's the exact building that is.

I will miss this place. really. There are so many things that had happened in here from the time when I started applying for a position i am in right now, until i was interviewed by my first client named Steve up to the time i get hired by the company. Yeah, this place is not enough to accommodate more than 100 agents. I'm gonna miss my seat mates. huhu..

Bye Bye! huhuhu..

I just wanted to share these photos with ya'll:

eversun photo
eversun photo

eversun photo
eversun photo
eversun photo

eversun photo
eversun photo

eversun photo

♥ True Value of L-O-V-E ♥

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☼ Alone and Lonely ☼

Alone and LonelyDo you know how it feels to be alone? It feels like me against the world. Sometimes, we need to be alone for better understanding of ourselves. We feel alone most of the time, when people left us and kept us hanging.

I am feeling alone and lonely today. That's all i can say.


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■ -My Life at 1and1 a year ago- ■


I can still recall some incidents that had happened in my life a year ago. I tendered my resignation on June 18 of last year as a Technical Support Representative in one of the Web hosting Company here in the Philippines that is based in Cebu. My work experienced at 1and1 was great! I get the chance to meet Agents with exceptional talents! But there were some people whom i hated most.why? (akoa na lang to. Past is Past). The damage has been done and i already moved on. hehehe. But anyways, in a short period of time i've learned a lot and I owe this to 1and1.

July 2007, we had this Re-Training Program that would really help Agents enhance and develop their skills in some aspects. It was a 1 week Re-Training focusing more on the topics that are difficult to handle like: Server Issues, Exchange, Emails set-up, Share Points and ofcourse E-Shop. I only had my 2-day Re-training since i was about to attend my brother's wedding here in Davao on July 6, 2007. and since i already had days left at 1and1 (after i tendered my resignation) i feel so emotional.

The moment of truth has come. It was July 18 my last day of work as a Technical Support Rep. I was scheduled to work on a 2 pm to 11 pm shift. It's a mixed emotions though. I am happy because i know in my heart i'll be going back to davao to be with my family but i'm quite sad coz the fact that 1and1 is considered as my second family. I'll be leaving behind all the memories we've shared with my Teammates, officemates and etc. Minutes left where i can no longer hide my emotions. I cried. yeah. My Teammates even saw it. They gave me some piece of advice just to stopped myself from crying.

1 year had passed, but my mind still kept on thinking what would be my life then if i chooses to stay at 1and1. Would i be happy? Well, what i had done can't be undone! but no worries, there are no regrets at all! I am happy and very much contented with my job now and am loving it! really am. Thanks to my Clients namely: Hilary and Christine. They are so kind. I'm thankful that they were my clients and it's my pleasure to be working with them.

I missed 1and1. I missed my Teammates (Batchmates) namely: Jorich, Khid, Chuvie, Tyn, Nets, Katrina, Pyudi Bacs and Vannie.

♥ Some of the Most Beautiful Places in the World ♥

■ When i first saw these photos my impression was Woah! Amazing! How i wish i could at least visit some of these beautiful places in the world one day. It's worth the travel especially if you're going with your loved ones. It is a perfect gift to all the newly weds out there! And it is a great idea for those who deserve a break from work. At some point, we should give a token and quality time to ourselves coz we are all deserve it! :-)

The Petronas Twin Towers:

The Burj Al Arab Hotel:

The Forbidden City:

The Aeolian Islands:

The Eiffel Tower:

The Yellow Stone National Park:

The Banaue Rice Terraces:

The Galapagos Archipelago:

The Bora Bora Island:

The Halong Bay:

The Niagara Waterfalls:

The Great Barrier Reef:

The Great Wall of China:

The pyramids and the sphinx:

Taj Mahal:

What is a Ganglion Cyst?

According to Wikipedia: (Source:Wikipedia)

"A ganglion cyst (also known as a bible bump) is a swelling that often appears on or around joints and tendons in the hand or foot. The size of the cyst can vary over time, often becoming more inflamed if irritated. It is most frequently located around the wrist and on the fingers."


"The exact cause of the formation of ganglion cysts is still unknown to most. They are believed to be caused by overuse of a specific joint, which results in the degeneration of the surrounding fibrous tissue and the development of a cystic structure. The cyst contains clear fluid similar to synovial fluid. They are most often found around the wrist joint, especially at the scapho-lunate joint, which accounts for 80% of all ganglion cysts.

Ganglia are especially common in people who perform repetitive or strenuous activity with the wrist, including weight lifters, rowers, waiters, milkers, tennis and golf players, and musicians like guitarists and marching cymbals. Double bass players, especially, are at risk of developing ganglion cysts after extensive use of the German bow.

A common explanation given by physicians is that ganglion cysts are due to pockets of the synovium protruding from the joint capsule. However, this would not account for the toughness of the cyst, unless the limited space into which the synovium is protruding causes the lump to acquire a certain hardness, much like a boil or carbuncle which can feel firm, but is filled with liquid or semi-aqueous pus."


If a ganglion cyst is symptomatic, it can be managed by aspiration or excision. Aspiration of the cyst is the simpler of the two procedures, but cysts recur in approximately 50% of cases. With surgery, the recurrence rate is reduced to only 5 to 10% if it is fully taken out, and complications rarely develop.

- Anthroscopy of the wrist is becoming available as an alternative to open excision of ganglion cysts. During arthroscopy, the origin of the cyst can be seen.

- One traditional method of treating a ganglion tumor was to strike the lump with a large, heavy book, causing the cyst to rupture and drain into the surrounding tissues. Since even the poorest households often possessed a Bible (referring to the large family Bibles), this was commonly used, which led to the nicknaming of ganglion cysts as "Bible Bumps" or "Gideon's Disease." This treatment may be effective, but is no longer recommended, because patients risk damaging the surrounding area. This may make the cyst worse, so other treatments are preferred.

(Source: Wikipedia)

■ I had a Ganglion Cyst in my left wrist over a month now. and i was scheduled for a minor operation this coming Saturday. My client advised me to try acupuncture because her friend had a surgery and the cyst came back and then she (my client's friend) tried acupuncture. The guy pressed hard with the needle in it and it hurt, but it went away.