Gift Buying Guides

I'm always wanting to give the best of everything for my nephew. From Cute Baby Clothing to Adorable Toys, Bedroom Accessories, Story Books, Baby and Toddler and etc. We anticipate that buying clothing for babies can be tougher than what we expected. It could sometimes pose a challenge to every mom. Especially this time, we're facing economic financial crisis. So we must avoid buying clothing that would not be useful for them. As I searched over the internet, I bumped to this website called ShopWiki. It is a website where you can find everything you need! They are one of the best UK Gift Buying Guides. They also offer gifts for special occasions: Anniversaries, Weddings, Christmas and Birthday Gifts.

So if you're looking for a perfect gift to be given to your loved ones, ShopWiki is best for you. Affordable yet very unique! I'll go and find some cute baby clothing for my loving nephew. Weeee..

♥ Quick Updates ♥

These photos were taken last Saturday. Due to boredom and while waiting for Aubrey's arrival, I decided to go to a Salon near Anda street to have my hair ironed. Of course, I won't let the day passed without taking some photos. Weeee.... It feels so good to be beautiful both inside and out.. ahehehehe..

Raquel's PhotoRaquel's PhotoRaquel's Photo
Raquel's Photo

Eye Care

I worked as a Virtual Assistant on a graveyard shift for about 1 year and 6 months now. My eyes are exposed to the radiation since I am working in front of a computer. When I am off from work, I still manage to check my blog, logged in to my email, Facebook and YM accounts so there's no day that I am not seeing myself in front of PC. Lately, I noticed that both of my eyes are getting blurry. In fact, I am having a hard time reading FastFood Menu like that of Mcdo or KFC and etc. I guess I need to wear eyeglasses or correctional eyeglasses as a remedy as I don't want this to be worsen. I love my eyes so much. So to take good care of my eyes, I searched this over google then I found this Do-It Yourself Eyeglass shopping on the Internet. I have read an article of Zenni Optical from the New York Times. Somewhat, I got lots of idea on how I can get an affordable yet a quality eyeglasses without spending too much money for it. Eyeglasses prices varies widely on frames. So if you're looking for a cheap frames yet a quality one, why not try with Zenni Optical. What i like most from the photo above is because of its style and color. It's very stylish and fashionable. I am not nerd looking if I'm going to wear this one. Please visit Zenni Optical now to see their products as well as its categories. They offer the cheapest complete single vision eyeglasses starting at $8.00.

♥ It is Tammy's Treat ♥

Weeee.. I'm so full today. During our break at 2 a.m, the group decided to go to Jolibee Bolton to fill our empty stomach. On our way, we saw Tammy and the rest of the group. We didn't know and we have no idea that Tammy will going to treat us until we step inside the food chain. She kept on asking our orders, took notes of it and viola she paid for it!. Weeee.. It was a great idea that I decided to accompany this group. I wasn't in the mood of going outside. "Maau na lang nikuyog ko kay kung wala pa dili ko maapil sa libre".. Weee. Thanks Tammy! ;)

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Nowadays, owning a credit card is not anymore considered as luxury but as a need. Upon browsing, I found this very informative site in which you can find the best credit cards for your needs. So before thinking of having one, I recommend you to at least exert an effort to visit this website. One of their services is the balance transfer credit cards. Balance Transfer Credit Cards is the process of transferring the balance of one credit to another credit card that offers a lower interest rate. It is for those individuals that has numerous credit cards. If you think your credit card debt is becoming burdensome, one way to deal with this is to do a balance transfer. It would be a good idea to get rid of the higher credit card interest rate. ;)

Missing my nephew

I always thought that having a baby at our house will makes our life more enjoyable and livable. Yes it is but more of what i expected. I even can not identify the exact words to describe what I feel every time I am baby sitting him. All i know is, I am missing him every time I am away from him. I always wanted to go home early to at least glimpse at him while he's asleep, he's taking a bath or awake. He reminds me of my brother. Some would say he really looks like his father and definitely I agree to them. I can't help myself but kiss him on his forehead, head, hands and feet. I love everything about my nephew. He's more than an angel to me.. Weeee..

Soon in time I will post his recent pictures and that is if i do have time to do so.. hehehe.. bfn* I need to go back to work.. :-D

Low rates International Calls

While surfing on the internet, I found this website called YupeePhone. It is called the Unlimited Call Provider. Found this interesting since anyone could benefit from it. Some of their advantages include: Pay As You Go, Unlimited India for $39.95 per month, 2000 minutes/month to landlines in Iraq-Jordan for $24.95 a month. The Pay As You Go offers very low rates for most of the international destinations and it comes with 120 free minutes every month to 54 destinations worldwide. And not only that their rates for mobile are almost 50% cheaper than that of Skype. Their service is available worldwide using: Free Local Access Numbers in the USA, International Access Numbers (free in Canada, UK, France), Callback, using our online feature or calling the Callback Number, Free SIP or IAX software and Bring your own SIP device.

♥ Entrecard Droppers ♥

It's been a while since I managed to check who my Entrecard droppers are. I wasn't able to actively exchange an EC drop to their blogs due to my hectic schedule at work. But if I have spare time, I see to it I dropped some love to those bloggers who kept on visiting my blog. These are my Top 10 Entrecard Droppers for the month of February. To ya'll, i really appreciate it. Every visit counts. weeeee..

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One of the major source of Blog Traffic

Does anyone of you here know about Blog Portals? Blog Portals also known as Community Aggregators. It is a customizable website designed to all the bloggers. It is where they can features their blogs authored by them. A blogging community in which aggregators can easily access to all the blogs about any specific topic. Successful aggregator is also one of the major source of traffic to your blog or website. If you wanted to add your blog, click here. If you can not find an aggregator that is suited to your blog you can always start creating an aggregator of your own..

What an Awesome Transformation

Two thumbs up for the artist who created Bush-Obama's smooth Transformation. The middle image really amazed me. It's the combination of 2 U.S Presidents. This was emailed to me by my officemate. Take a look at the photo below to spot the difference between them..

Bush-Obama's Smooth Transformation

Lawsuit Settlement Loan Provider

My friend was involved in a vehicular accident last week. He was told by his doctor that he will undergo into an operation to heal those bruises that he got. As his friend, I wanted to help him find a way to pay the hospital bills, medicines and etc. God is so good when I bumped into this site who is a leading provider of cash advances for pending Any Lawsuits. give advance funds for Motor Vehicle Accidents, Slip and Falls, Medical Malpractice, Construction Accidents, False Imprisonment and many others. Contact them now and receive the money that you need while your case is in progress.

♥ Finding your one true love - Try this it's fun! ♥

I happened to visit Ronald's blog when I read one of his posts. I was fooled by him when I entered my name and someone elses name to see if we're meant for each other. Luckily, I have had written the name of a person whom he did not know. Because Crush Bits is not the same with Love Calculator. Love Calculator is where you found out who your friends crushes are with a given specific percentage. In Crush Bits, it does not do any of these instead the names you had entered will be emailed to the person's account.

I am writing this post so that you won't be victimized by your friends.. hehehehe..

Got Questions?Life123 has the answers..

I am planning to have a family vacation on the 3rd week of April but I am thinking if I can bring my dog with me. I don't want to leave him alone in the house. I just can't take it. I anticipate it could be hard for all of us. :-( But i guess pet friendly travel doesn't need to be difficult. Does it? With a little and detailed planning my dog can travel safely and comfortably. I will make sure that all of us will get some much needed rest and relaxation during these days. I am looking forward to this day to come.. Weeee..

♥ My Nephew's Christening ♥

Last Sunday February 28, 2009 was my nephew's baptismal. He was baptized at the new Christ the King church in Tagum City. And the reception followed at the Eagle's View Hotel. I was with my mom, sister, cousins and friends. We meet up at the Ecoland Terminal at 9 am on a Sunday morning then we rode an Aircon bus. We then headed to the church and after a few minutes the mass has started. I'm just wondering if this cute little guy is aware of what's happening around him. :-D lol..I'm one of the Godmothers of Moses so it is now my responsibility to take good care of him. hehe. I handed my gift to the one that's responsible of collecting gifts. After we had eater our lunch, we had some chit chats and of course the never forgotten "picture taking". We went home at around 2:30 pm. We were a bit tired but it was all worth it! ;)

Photos will be uploaded later...

Latter Day Saints Chat City

LDS ChatroomsA close friend of mine got addicted with the new LDS Chat Room. She kept on telling me about this LDS Chat City but i just ignored her due to the fact that I'm so busy with my tasks at work. I don't have spare time to search this over google until today when she arrived at our house and keeps on telling about this new chat city over and over again. :-) Since it is Sunday and I'm off from work, I immediately turned on my pc and went directly to the URL she uttered. I got curious what interesting stuffs that are present in here that made her react like that and viola! I quickly into it! Weee.. LDS Chat Room is where tons of Latter Day Saints users from anywhere and everywhere in the world come together in their Chatrooms for FREE. You can chat on cam and let many LDS Chat City users talk and see you online while checking out their video camera. Register a FREE account now for instant access to Latter Day Saints Chatrooms and enjoy these features! I thank my friend for sharing this enjoyable website with me. :-)

Wounded Heart - On Healing process

Wounded HeartIt's been a while since my ex-boyfriend broke up with me and I admit it feels like hell! I was once in love with this guy so much. I gave up everything just to be with him to prove to him that I am willing to take the risks that hinders us of being together. Through the long years of our relationship, we were able to surpassed all the challenges we've encountered. From then on, we kept a promise to hold each others hand that we won't let anyone or won't let any circumstances ruined our relationship. Wondering how our future would turned out to be for the both of us. When we broke up, I never showed him I'm affected of it, I didn't cry in front of him but deep inside, God! I'm dying. He has no idea what I felt on that day. I don't know how to start my life all over again. This guy has no idea what I've been through when I'm still with him. He didn't realize nor see those beautiful things we've shared together for almost 8 years that still leads him to put an end of this. I don't know what went wrong for his love to fade that easily. Is there any other parties involved? That I don't know! I even don't have an idea either. Pity me. He should be man enough to tell me the reasons why he chose to ended up our relationship. Isn't it unfair in my part? I don't blame him nor blame myself. I know both of us has "pagkukulang", but the fact that he didn't tell me valid reasons why he needs to do so, it's still left me hanging. I respect his decisions and I never regretted anything that had happened. Somehow, it made me a better and stronger person.

Now, we're taking our path separately. Doing our own little things separately. I'm letting him go. I'm setting him free. I am really tired of him. As what they have said "Let go of the people who can not treat you right and never bother to waste time in pleasing them". I am open in a possibility that someday in God's time, we might see each other again. I hope i'm fully moved on for that day to come.

And also I am open in a possibility that someone might court me. I never closes my door for those who are willing and can stand by me till the end. I don't need to have a partner to enjoy God's blessings even if I'm single right now but I am soooo much blessed with other things. Family, Friends, Work, Understanding and Loving clients, Special friend(s) and of course God. I thank God for always keeping me strong. There are times that I wanted to give up, but he never failed me to realize that there are lots of things that are still worth fighting and keeping for. All i know is that, i never did anything against him or to our relationship.

Being single is the happiest moment of every girl's lives. I can do whatever I wanted to do with limitations of course. hehe.. We should enjoy this stage, because our life will turned out to be different upon entering the what you called "married" life. I've learned that we need to be careful on giving up the things we thought has nothing to offer us. Because it might be too late for us to realize that it is the only thing we ever wanted from the start. I wish he could find happiness that he truly deserves! Till then..