Missing my nephew

I always thought that having a baby at our house will makes our life more enjoyable and livable. Yes it is but more of what i expected. I even can not identify the exact words to describe what I feel every time I am baby sitting him. All i know is, I am missing him every time I am away from him. I always wanted to go home early to at least glimpse at him while he's asleep, he's taking a bath or awake. He reminds me of my brother. Some would say he really looks like his father and definitely I agree to them. I can't help myself but kiss him on his forehead, head, hands and feet. I love everything about my nephew. He's more than an angel to me.. Weeee..

Soon in time I will post his recent pictures and that is if i do have time to do so.. hehehe.. bfn* I need to go back to work.. :-D

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