Fabulous Shows and Events in Las Vegas

Spectacular Shows and Events in Las VegasWe all know that Las Vegas shows feature some of the finest and most famous entertainers in the world. Upon searching over the internet, I came across this website that offers the largest selection of tickets to the most fabulous shows and events in Las Vegas and it is perfect to those who are planning to Buy Tickets to Las Vegas Shows.

http://www.showslasvegas.com, is the premier Las Vegas show ticket website. If you are not sure what shows and events to see, you can check it out to their directory with a detailed description and photos of each show. Good thing about this website is they have negotiated exclusive rates directly with each show and offers the most competitive ticket prices available.

Buy Tickets to Las Vegas Shows now and expect to receive superior customer service during and after ordering transactions. ;)

Eversun's General Assembly with the Owner of the company

Last night we had our General Assembly for the upcoming company outing and at the same time to celebrate the company's Second year Anniversary here in Davao City. Eversun Software Philippines Corporation (Davao Branch) has been in the business for 2 years now. Oh wait, what's so special with our General Meeting last night is because the owner itself, Mr. Danny Sullivan was with us. It's great to see him again after a long long time.. We had a chance to take photos with him..After the G.A, dinner followed.. hahaha

Eversun's General Assembly with the owner itself, Mr. Danny SullivanEversun's General Assembly with the owner itself, Mr. Danny Sullivan

Eversun's General Assembly with the owner itself, Mr. Danny SullivanEversun's General Assembly with the owner itself, Mr. Danny Sullivan

Real Estate in Honolulu

Honolulu Real EstateHonolulu is known for their white sandy beaches, unlimited culture, tropical climate and a whole lot more. Waikiki is a known area for the tourist destination with the hottest night life and the finest restaurants.

Do you know that Waikiki Real Estate and Honolulu Real Estate have been a topic for investments in many years? Honolulu homes and Waikiki Condominiums have been offered for sale to those who are looking to purchase real estate. One of the resources that would help your Waikiki Real Estate, Oahu Real Estate, Hawaii Real Estate and Honolulu Real Estate needs is Honolulu Real Estate Search.com (www.honolulurealestatesearch.com). The good thing about the Oahu properties, because of its price is slightly decreasing. This is a great time to buy these properties. If i were the investor or the buyer, I should take advantage of the market. You can contact and email their support with any questions/problems you might have regarding real estate. And also, if you're decided about moving to Hawaii, you are free to use their moving to Hawaii page with a very useful links and helpful tips too! ;)

A survey from Molit

I happened to visit Molit's blog when i read some of her blog posts. Due to boredom, I took this survey without her knowing because i find it interesting to answer. Weeeee.. Thanks gurl! ;) haha

**Are you in Love?:
-> Before.

**Are you single or taken?:
-> Single and very much Available.

**If single, for how long?:
-> almost 5 months i think. Don't know.

**Do you like guys or girls?:
-> I like them BOTH.

**What do you think about Sporty guys/girls?:
- > I like guys who know how to play basketball, badminton, volleyball and etc.

-> I love 'em.

-> Who? Me? I don't know. I have no idea. Just don't bother.. hehe

**Your Favorites**

**Kind of Food::
-> Lechon, Tempura, Calamares and a whole lot more!

-> Pink, Blue Green, Yellow Green, Purple.

**Place to be?:
-> I really wanted to go to a place that I have never been to..

**Vacation spot::
-> Many to Mention..Beaches, Paris, New York, Cruise Ship, Boracay, Palawan are on the top of my list.

-> Local Actors? or Abroad? Please be specific. harhar

-> Local Actress? or Abroad? Please be specific. Can i consider myself as an actress? LOL

**Day Time Talk Show::
-> I don't watch day shows. I worked on a graveyard shift so probably I'm asleep during the time that these talk shows are aired on television. :-D

-> Before 9 but not anymore now. I think I'll go for 26. It's my birth date. ;)

**Your Short Opinion on**

**Gay Marriage::
-> As long as their happy on what they are doing.

**Drunk Driving::
-> I'm against to it. ;)

**Legal Driving Age::
-> As long as they reach 18, that would be fine i think. :D

**Madam Auring and her boyfriend::
-> No comment. hehe

**Young Marriages::
-> it's really ok with me just as long as they are responsible enough to become parents to their children.

**Young Parents::
-> Kinda worried about their future.

**Pregnancy without a Marriage::
-> It's ok with me. There are factors why couples decided not to getting married yet. Maybe they are financially and emotionally incapable and or etc but it doesn't mean he/she doesn't love you. ;)

**This Survey::
-> Honestly, I enjoyed answering this survey. It makes my day complete! yikes! ahehehe

Houston Roofer

Best Service Houston RooferRoofing requires set of skills and knowledge in a number of other disciplines including general carpentry, framing construction and math. Replacing the roof can be a major expense no matter what type of roof you have. Rain causes leak and therefore it damages the roof and the entire interior structure of your home. If these left in disrepair, the cost of having it repaired will only grow overtime. At times like this, you will be needing a qualified roofer that know-how to and has an experience to do the job right that will leave you with a secure roof.

Houston Roofing focuses on roof repairs in Houston. Roskos roofing is the premier roofing specialists in Texas and is truly honest and affordable company. They specialize in Roof replacement, New Roofs, Roof Repair, Leak Stop, Siding and Flat Roofing. When it comes to finding a qualified roofer it is good to consider by asking your friends and family and asked if someone you know has worked with roofer before and if they were please with results, go ahead and asked for their contact info. It would be better if you discuss what your plans are with each Houston roofer. A discussion will not only help to determine if the roofer is capable to the given project but it will also give you a chance to see how well you will work together.

If you have any other questions regarding their services, please feel free to email or call them. An appointment will be set right away for a free estimate. It is your Houston Roofing project and you should make certain you have the best Houston roofer for the job. ;)

Fresh from Cannibad

I spent my weekend at Cannibad together with my officemates. We arrived at Cannibad at around 3:30 on a Saturday "gloomy" afternoon. We rode a bus from Magsaysay park to Peñaplata. We stopped at Central Warehouse and while waiting for the contact jeepney to arrive, some of us went inside the warehouse to buy some drinks and food to munch on..

We felt tired while heading to our destination. Why? Secret. hahaha. Weeee. I really enjoyed that moment! It was my first time experience to stayed on a tent. Weeee.. If you're planning to go to Cannibad, avoid wearing Havainas high and etc. hahaha.. and also don't forget to bring flash light. It is really really important. ;)

We ended up having body pains. hahahaha. Go to Cannibad and experience what we have had experienced. But mind you it is all WORTH it... ;)

A Trip to CannibadA Trip to CannibadA Trip to Cannibad

A Trip to CannibadA Trip to CannibadA Trip to CannibadA Trip to Cannibad
A Trip to Cannibad
A Trip to CannibadA Trip to CannibadA Trip to CannibadA Trip to CannibadA Trip to CannibadA Trip to Cannibad

A Trip to CannibadA Trip to CannibadA Trip to Cannibad
A Trip to CannibadA Trip to CannibadA Trip to CannibadA Trip to CannibadA Trip to CannibadA Trip to Cannibad

A Trip to CannibadA Trip to CannibadA Trip to CannibadA Trip to Cannibad

Punk Dating Site

If you love punk rock lifestyle, PunkMatch.com is right for you. It is a free punk dating site that focuses on the punk rock lifestyle. Join Punk Match now and start meeting new friends, building friendship, sharing thoughts and ideas about punk rock lifestyle and etc. This is absolutely 100% free registration. What are you waiting for? Sign up for an account today and start meeting other lovers of punk rock that are single, wanting serious relationship and looking for love. ;)

Recover photos from Memory Card

We were in the middle of taking pictures at the Secret Paradise called "Cannibad" when I happened to delete all the photos from my digital camera by accident! Grrrrr! I was so disappointed at that time. It feels like the world has stopped from revolving. huhuhu.. I feel so hopeless that there's nothing i can do to retrieve those memorable photos.

I went online through my phone and messaged Einstein using yahoo messenger. I told him about what happened and asked him to do me a favor. He searched it over to Google and forwarded the results he have found to me. It was mentioned that I need further search using this keyword, "Recover photos from Memory Card". I wasn't contented with the google results and so i contacted Kuya Erwin since he's using Sony Digital Camera too! He told me that there are softwares that can recover deleted photos from a memory card. I just need not to use the memory card to avoid overwritten.

When I got home, I immediately turned on my PC and went online. I searched to google that specific keyword but then I got dismayed since all of the softwares are NOT for FREE! You need to purchase before you can continue on retrieving photos. Upon successive attempts, thank God I found this website http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec. PhotoRec is an open source application for recovering lost partition and is absolutely FREE! Some of my photos have been recovered. Weee.

I just want to give a simple tip to those who have also deleted photos from their digital cameras. If you wanted to retrieve these photos try NOT to save any more pictures to that memory card device, otherwise you may overwritten it and lost your data forever. ;)

Finding the perfect Riverside Plumber

Riverside PlumberIf you are looking for a perfect Riverside Plumber, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Riverside is right for you. Mr. Rooter Plumbing has been in the business for 40 years. They specialize in Schools, Residential, Commercial, Municipalities and Military.

Riverside homeowner is going to need a plumber. We need to be careful in finding a plumber because a botched job can cost us a lot of money and it causes inconvenient. A Riverside Plumber needs to be knowledgeable enough on what he/she is doing. Remember, water clogs in the wrong place can be disastrous and we don't want that to happen. Choosing the right one can mean the difference between a positive outcome and a disaster. It is advisable to at least choose 2 or 3 plumbers you were most impressed with and ask them to submit a bid for your project. Through this, you can get a list from them that includes estimated amount for the project and that will make it easier for you to compare them. Always keep in mind that the lowest quote is not always give the best deals. A low bid might attractive but this is no place to cut corners. You can ask the plumber who has the lowest bid on how he is able to do that.

Peace of mind is the outcome of finding a good Riverside Plumber that you can call on for a repair, emergency or planned project.

Suffering from Dysmenorrhea

I was suffering from dysmenorrhea last night. You know the "Menstrual Discomfort" thing. I took pain reliever and it takes 2 to 3 hours before the pain is gone.. Huhuhu.. I have learned today that there are lots of factors that trigger dysmenorrhea. Lack of regular physical exercise and stressed body increase menstrual pain. Those women who smoke are more likely prone to menstrual pain. Overweight women are more persistent to menstrual pain and lastly, alcohol intake prolongs the duration of pain in women.

But the primary cause of dysmenorrhea is because during menstruation our uterus contract. The uterus is an ogan located in the female pelvis between the bladder and rectum. During menses, the contractions are stronger and are stimulated by pain triggering hormones called prostaglandins. The duration level of prostaglandin is related to the duration of pain. ;)

Austin Home Inspection

Austin Home InspectionA home inspector is the one who checks possible problems and to insure if there really is a problem in your home. If you do, Austin Home Inspector is right for you. Austin home inspector offers more services than most inspection companies do. Austin home inspection, carries more specialized tools than most any other companies out there, such as a complete scan of the entire home with their infrared camera, Circuit Analyzer, IR camera, combustible gas detector, carbon monoxide detector and many many more.

This company has been in this kind of business for 25 years. Infrared Property Inspections consumed full 4+ hours to inspect an average size home. Unlike with other Inspection companies they would only rendered as little as 2 hours to inspect a home. To add it up, Austin home inspection uses Infrared Technology. Infrared helps to locate leaks in your A/C ducts, moisture intrusion, lack of insulation. It can even detect insects nests. They also offer a complete analysis using a tool that measures voltage drop, false grounds, impedances and many others.

I love your Blog Award from Amie

I Love your Blog AwardFor the past few days, I haven't visited my friends' blogs so i did not know the awards that were passed on to me. hehe. I was so busy with my work. There's a lot of huge issues to deal with. hahayy.

However, I would like to thank my dear friend Amielyn Rivas for giving me this awesome award. After all we've been shared together she still never forgets to include me on her list. Weee. char! haha

So here's the rules:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her awesome blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve nominated! Now, I'm giving this award to: Chai, Aubrey, Molit, Joanna, Bojoy, Lyra, and Laurie Amor.

Enjoy! ;)

Jewish Chat City

Jewish Chat CityI have a Jewish friend who is now addicted to Jewish chat City. Have you heard of it already? If not yet, I'll give you an idea on what it is all about.

Jewish Chat City is where plenty of Jewish users from all over the world come together and join their jewish chat rooms. You need to sign up first in order for you to access their chat rooms. You can actually broadcast your internet webcams while talking to all of the people on this website. The registration is so easy! Just visit their website http://www.jewishchatcity.com/ and enter all your information on the fields provided on the box saying "Register for your free account!". Registration is absolutely free! Nothing to worry about. Aside from the benefit you could get from a free account, you will also get the chance to meeting other Jewish people from anywhere in the planet.

If you're a Jewish and looking for something enjoyable to do during your spare time, why not try signing up for an account and get an instant access to their jewish chat rooms? I'm sure you will be more than interested once you already a member on this website. weeee. Have fun! ;)

♥ My First Trophy Award ♥

Blogger Trophy AwardWhew! It's my first time ever to received a Blogger Trophy Award. Thanks to my dear friend Mimot for giving me this awesome award. I really appreciate it! ;)

It's my honor to received the blogger awards and so i will going to pass this to my dear friends and officemates namely: Bojoy, Lyra, Molit, Chai, Aubrey, Joanna.

Keep on blogging! ;)

Mercer Island Plumber

Mercer Island plumberEvery Mercer Island Homeowner is going to need Mercer Island plumber. Water clogs can be disastrous if its being left behind without repair it can end up costing us thousands of money.

Mercer Island Homeowners can save money if they consider solving problems all by themselves such as replacing a gasket under a faucet stem and unclogging the kitchen drain. But bear in mind also when to contact a professional plumber before things get to worse. By choosing the right Mercer Island plumber, you can make sure that the job is done right. Remember, a botched job can end up costing you thousands of penny more than if you have had called a professional plumber. You can actually choose two to three plumbers you were impressed with and ask them to submit a bid for your project. Make sure that they have got all the abilities and knowledge of a professional Plumber. Hiring a plumber will make your life more convenient and easy. It needs time to find a capable Mercer Island plumber but once you have found one that is suited to your needs, peace of mind will be the outcome that you can call on anytime for repair, emergency or planned project.

My Facebook Account

Facebook AccountFacebook AccountNothing special for me today. I'm thinking of what topic to post here. Hmmm, I just want to share what had happened yesterday with my Facebook account. Hehehe..

Yesterday, I uploaded some of my solo pictures in Facebook. I never thought that my officemates and friend would react on it! LOL haha. And imagine just because of what I've uploaded, I got 29 comments for it. hahaha. It all started with Elton John Jabajab's comment. Echusera jud. hehehe. More interesting blog posts soon. LOL. hahaha..

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Chatrooms for Single Parent

I have come across this site http://www.singleparentchatcity.com/, a website that is perfect for all single parent out there! single parent chat is free of charge! It is absolutely 100% Free Registration. After registration, you can now be able to access their chatrooms and getting ready to meeting ton of single parent from any part of the world. Great isn't it? What makes it more exciting is because the possibility of meeting single parent from anywhere in the planet. That is, building up some friendship and etc. Get on your webcam and show tons of single parent what you are doing while also enjoying their live cam. Surely, I will recommend this single parent chat to all the single parent I have known.

Now guys, what are you waiting for? Sign up for free membership and start seeing and talking to all of the members on the website. It is easy as 1, 2 and 3. Just a snap of your finger you can enjoy what Single Parent Chat City provides.


These are some of the Quotes I love the most. Weeee.


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