Recover photos from Memory Card

We were in the middle of taking pictures at the Secret Paradise called "Cannibad" when I happened to delete all the photos from my digital camera by accident! Grrrrr! I was so disappointed at that time. It feels like the world has stopped from revolving. huhuhu.. I feel so hopeless that there's nothing i can do to retrieve those memorable photos.

I went online through my phone and messaged Einstein using yahoo messenger. I told him about what happened and asked him to do me a favor. He searched it over to Google and forwarded the results he have found to me. It was mentioned that I need further search using this keyword, "Recover photos from Memory Card". I wasn't contented with the google results and so i contacted Kuya Erwin since he's using Sony Digital Camera too! He told me that there are softwares that can recover deleted photos from a memory card. I just need not to use the memory card to avoid overwritten.

When I got home, I immediately turned on my PC and went online. I searched to google that specific keyword but then I got dismayed since all of the softwares are NOT for FREE! You need to purchase before you can continue on retrieving photos. Upon successive attempts, thank God I found this website PhotoRec is an open source application for recovering lost partition and is absolutely FREE! Some of my photos have been recovered. Weee.

I just want to give a simple tip to those who have also deleted photos from their digital cameras. If you wanted to retrieve these photos try NOT to save any more pictures to that memory card device, otherwise you may overwritten it and lost your data forever. ;)