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Literary and Musical Contest 2009

Literary and Musical Contest 2009 of Eversun Software Philippines CorporationIt was Monday afternoon September 21, 2009 when Eversun Software Philippines Corporation held its very first Literary and Musical Contest 2009. A week before the celebration, we were already given mechanics to each of the contests and we were divided into four groups: Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.

Aubrey (my team mate) acted as "Green" Team's Organizer. It was not our intention to win the contest but to at least participate and share our talents (if we have any) to our co workers.

We had our first practice at Mormon's Church last September 19, 2009. Right after our shift, we headed to nearby fast food restaurant to fill our empty stomachs. After an hour waiting, Aubrey and Joanna arrived. WLiterary and Musical Contest 2009 of Eversun Software Philippines Corporatione decided to wait for the rest of our team mates at Mormon's since Mario was already waiting for us there. Moments later, Arjay arrived. FYI, Arjay is a member of Alternative Groove and he was the one who's in charge with the group dance. He taught us simple dance steps since not all of us know how to dance.. hehe. I'm just glad that I belong to this group. I was amazed with my group mates showing their concern to our group and all of them had participated in the practice. Jig also my team mate, was supposed to go to Panabo but since we had practice at that time, he spend a little of his time on practicing. Majar uttered eversince in his entire life, that was the first time he's going to dance.. hehe.. We parted ways at 12:30 pm. Night Shift agents still need to sleep, you know. :)
Literary and Musical Contest 2009 of Eversun Software Philippines CorporationHours before the event happened, we had our final practice. It was also the time when comical skit participants showed their cool moves. Aubrey and Joanna didn't join us to go to Jacksridge since they've to picked up our printed T-Shirts. It is nicer to see them dance with uniform shirts.

Moments later, program has started. It was started by a prayer followed by an opening remarks by Maam Jo (Branch Manager) and emcees then introduced the panel of judges.

It was so fun seeing them danced! I was shocked when Lyra and Molit headed to the dance floor and showed their cool moves. Can't seem to concentrate watching at the participants since the crowd were getting wilder and they were screaming and shouting at their respective teams.
Literary and Musical Contest 2009 of Eversun Software Philippines Corporation
Phew! To sum it up, the group where I belong won the Literary and Musical Contest 2009. It was the best event I've attended at Eversun. It was a great way to manage our closeness with AOV Agents. I must admit, I didn't knew all the Day Shift Agents since I worked on a graveyard shift. Through this, I met some nice people which I haven't known for a long time.. Hope this is just a start of so many events happening anytime soon!

Congratulations Green Team! Thank you for all the support yoLiterary and Musical Contest 2009 of Eversun Software Philippines Corporationu've given to this group.. Go Green Team! :)

What is Ideal for Employee Monitoring?

Activity Tracker - Employee Monitoring SystemAs of writing, I was wondering if there's a software available online that monitors your staff activities on your computer network? I am uncertain if they're really doing their jobs. Ofcourse, we don't want to waste money by hiring unproductive staffs. Do we? and so I searched this over to Google and found a website that caters this kind of software. I have watched their Employee monitoring tutorial and I must say Activity Tracker is so cool.. :) ActivTrak software (short for Activity Tracker) is the best way to keep track of how your company's computers and etc. are being used. It provides tools for monitoring user sessions in real time. The activity of all employees can be displayed on one screen at a time. For each workstation, it records statistics on the application being used and websites they visited.

No wonder why ActivTrak is consider as the "friendly employee monitoring software". :)

Invading Black

Envading Black-Every photograph has a storyEvery photograph has a story. Mine was some kind of "Gothic" themed style as what Kiev calls it. Kiev is a professional Graphic Artist and an officemate of mine who is very passionate in photography while Tammy, a very talented gal who recently introduces herself in the world of photography and she's one of the member of team "Maniniyot Community" where group of aspiring photographers gathered together to show off their talents.
Envading Black-Every photograph has a story
It was Friday night, when Kiev approached me. He was asking if it's okay with me to do a photoshoot with him again. He wants to try something different. At first, I was hesitant because it will turned out impromptu. But I changed my mind knowing Kiev as one of the best artist I've met.

I super love the idea of having a black background. Simple yet elegant looking photos. I also love this shot below. I Envading Black-Every photograph has a storylook thinner in the picture. LOL.. The photoshoot lasted for 45 minutes. I may not ready for this shoot, but I thank Tammy and Kiev for the job well done. It may not be superb, but it is simply "Awesome"!!..

A million thanks to you both! :) xo