Invading Black

Envading Black-Every photograph has a storyEvery photograph has a story. Mine was some kind of "Gothic" themed style as what Kiev calls it. Kiev is a professional Graphic Artist and an officemate of mine who is very passionate in photography while Tammy, a very talented gal who recently introduces herself in the world of photography and she's one of the member of team "Maniniyot Community" where group of aspiring photographers gathered together to show off their talents.
Envading Black-Every photograph has a story
It was Friday night, when Kiev approached me. He was asking if it's okay with me to do a photoshoot with him again. He wants to try something different. At first, I was hesitant because it will turned out impromptu. But I changed my mind knowing Kiev as one of the best artist I've met.

I super love the idea of having a black background. Simple yet elegant looking photos. I also love this shot below. I Envading Black-Every photograph has a storylook thinner in the picture. LOL.. The photoshoot lasted for 45 minutes. I may not ready for this shoot, but I thank Tammy and Kiev for the job well done. It may not be superb, but it is simply "Awesome"!!..

A million thanks to you both! :) xo


  1. Chai Says:

    oi megs, hastang gwapaha jud nimo megs noh? aaaw.... impromptu pictorial napud diay ang tirada?

    nice ang picture megs.

    wala pa lage ka nagblog sa atong laag?hehe

  2. Libod-Suroy Says:

    raqs? statue? hahah.. kewl... panagad pud tawn sa YM.. haha.. :P

    mingaw nako nmu raqs... T_T