What is Ideal for Employee Monitoring?

Activity Tracker - Employee Monitoring SystemAs of writing, I was wondering if there's a software available online that monitors your staff activities on your computer network? I am uncertain if they're really doing their jobs. Ofcourse, we don't want to waste money by hiring unproductive staffs. Do we? and so I searched this over to Google and found a website that caters this kind of software. I have watched their Employee monitoring tutorial and I must say Activity Tracker is so cool.. :) ActivTrak software (short for Activity Tracker) is the best way to keep track of how your company's computers and etc. are being used. It provides tools for monitoring user sessions in real time. The activity of all employees can be displayed on one screen at a time. For each workstation, it records statistics on the application being used and websites they visited.

No wonder why ActivTrak is consider as the "friendly employee monitoring software". :)