Get your Scrubs now!

When I was still a kid, I always wanted to take up nursing. There's something in them that I admire the most not only because nurses are in demand to work abroad but because I love seeing them wearing their medical scrubs and uniforms and nursing scrub uniforms . A former officemate of mine is a registered nurse. She resigned in the company I'm working with right now so that she can focus on her field. For me, she made the right decision because she was able to work as a trainee at one of the prestigious hospitals in our place and she had experienced what it feels like to work in a hospital.

I remember one time when she was still working as a V.A, she was searching on the Internet for a scrub suit. I don't know the purpose of it but since she was eager to find one and so I decided to help her out. She was seated next to me so it was not that difficult for her to see the sites I've found and one of them is the blue sky scrubs. They are the one who make the finest and most fashionable nursing scrub uniform , hospital scrub uniform and etc. They have added new colors on their scrub sets e.g. green, pink, lilac, navy blue scrubs and etc. I gained a lot of information on this site and I was also able to help my friend to find a site where she can consider ordering scrubs. =)

Chillin' at Timezone

Timezone Prizes

It's been a while since I haven't posted anything on here. There's a lot of stories I wanted to talk about and I decided to share it with you on my next post. :-D
Timezone Prizes

Anyway, I got addicted at playing in Timezone. As a matter of fact, I spent most of my weekends there. LOL. Got these stuffs from playing stacker, prize cube, deal or no deal, jungle jive, bowling and etc. I look forward to getting more stuffs soon. T_____T

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