How do I spend my 3 day off?

Spending 3 day off from WorkI just spent a 3 day off from work and it feels awesome to stay at home relaxing, baby sitting and doing some online "stuffs". I was planning to pampering myself on a Saturday night but the feeling of tiredness preceded that led to canceling the long time plan. Instead, I kept myself busy learning SEO and customizing my multiply account, since I haven't able to login to my account for ages now.. I was inspired by the people around me who kept on updating their respective multiply accounts. To know more about the things I did last weekend, here's a quick post below:


Right after my graveyard shift, I went home directly. I didn't know what comes out into my mind that I decided to go home early. I should have stayed at the office late since it's weekend and no work on Monday to commemorating National Heroes Day. While at home, I got a chance to play with my nephew, ate breakfast, had chit-chat with my aunt then sleep. I woke up at exactly 2pm turned on my computer, check my personal email, login into my facebook and customize my multiply account. It took me for hours in choosing my multiply theme and I am not yet satisfied with the result and so I stop. I guess I have to continue doing it when am ready and in good mood. lol. Since it was saturday, I do some blog hopping to give credits to those bloggers who kept on visiting my blog then I bumped to Kaiser's site. Kaiser is an officemate of mine who's now successful earning money through online from his multiple websites. He also owns a web hosting company too! I left an offline message to him through ym since am really eager to own a domain name in the future. I asked him about SEO and he's so nice to answer all my queries. I even throw a joke at him saying "pangadvertise jud ug taman sa akoa Kais". hehe. I read some articles that he gave me. A few hours later, I find it boring. lol. Need something to cheer me up. To spice up my night, I commented on my friends' photos, status, wrote on their walls, chat friends through facebook. Haha. It's already 1:30 am when I decided to sleep.


Woke up early. I don't know but for the past few weeks find it hard to get some enough sleep. I spotted my nephew taking his vitamins. Kissed him on the forehead. Played with him for about an hour and went to the corner of our house where my pc is located. As usual I went online to check my email, login to different sites if there are available opportunities for me. Unfortunately, there was none. Am still waiting for my other posts to get approved though. I saw some opportunities in PP but the price is too low so I didn't bother to get them. I wasn't able to join the dance workshop which is held at Metro Lifestyle every Sunday but I promise to participate on the said workshop next sunday that if am not busy.hehe. I was sleeping that time when my sister kept on bugging me. gah-! so hate it! I had no choice but to get off from bed and had my nails polished. Ate dinner and took a bath after. Went online while watching TV. I received a text from an officemate saying that they were in Torres. But I chose not to come with them. Aside from the fact that I don't have extra budget, long vacation comes only once in a blue moon ofcourse I want to spend it with family. Stayed late at night since monday is a National Heroes Day..


Monday came and still feeling it was weekend. Last day of the month. So excited to know that after this day is the beginning of "BER" months which everyone is looking forward to. My sister in law went to Tagum to celebrate her mom's death anniversary. She didn't bring with her my nephew. I don't know what her reason was. Maybe she anticipated that it's going to rain. Yeah she was correct because the rain poured so hard at Noon. Thank God she didn't bother to take her son with her. Doing the usual things I love like went online, check email, login to different sites and a lot more. I was about to take a bath when I heard someone calling my name.. I was in the state of shock when I saw my officemates try to getting inside. hey guys! what are you doing here? :(( I know it were Elton and Majar's idea to go to our house. argh! They should have informed me so that I can cook for them. :(( I didn't know that they'll pursue their plan. After an hour, they bid goodbye since Michael and Malette have to accompany James in going home. While Elton and Majar stayed at Sandawa to visit Elton's cousins and Odrale went to Bangkal to do his own business. lol. After which, got the chance to watch "Tayong Dalawa".. I so love this tv series. The story is one of a kind compared to other tv programs that have been already broadcasted.

Whew! That's how I spent my 3 day off from work. I was so glad that God gave me quality time to spend it with my family, officemates and the like. I look forward to more holidays to come! weeeeee. :)


  1. tzarKAISER Says:

    Sunday man to... hehe Nice jud diay?? ... successfully jud? makaaksyon man pud tag kabalaka ni raqs oi.. Ingnon nalng tinood... TSK TSK

  2. Healthylivingover40 Says:

    wow. galing naman ni Kaiser. ako nga hindi ko maintindihan pano kumita online hehe.

    usually, naghahanap lang ako freebies. LOL.

    more power to your blog!