Austin Home Inspection

Austin Home InspectionA home inspector is the one who checks possible problems and to insure if there really is a problem in your home. If you do, Austin Home Inspector is right for you. Austin home inspector offers more services than most inspection companies do. Austin home inspection, carries more specialized tools than most any other companies out there, such as a complete scan of the entire home with their infrared camera, Circuit Analyzer, IR camera, combustible gas detector, carbon monoxide detector and many many more.

This company has been in this kind of business for 25 years. Infrared Property Inspections consumed full 4+ hours to inspect an average size home. Unlike with other Inspection companies they would only rendered as little as 2 hours to inspect a home. To add it up, Austin home inspection uses Infrared Technology. Infrared helps to locate leaks in your A/C ducts, moisture intrusion, lack of insulation. It can even detect insects nests. They also offer a complete analysis using a tool that measures voltage drop, false grounds, impedances and many others.