Wounded Heart - On Healing process

Wounded HeartIt's been a while since my ex-boyfriend broke up with me and I admit it feels like hell! I was once in love with this guy so much. I gave up everything just to be with him to prove to him that I am willing to take the risks that hinders us of being together. Through the long years of our relationship, we were able to surpassed all the challenges we've encountered. From then on, we kept a promise to hold each others hand that we won't let anyone or won't let any circumstances ruined our relationship. Wondering how our future would turned out to be for the both of us. When we broke up, I never showed him I'm affected of it, I didn't cry in front of him but deep inside, God! I'm dying. He has no idea what I felt on that day. I don't know how to start my life all over again. This guy has no idea what I've been through when I'm still with him. He didn't realize nor see those beautiful things we've shared together for almost 8 years that still leads him to put an end of this. I don't know what went wrong for his love to fade that easily. Is there any other parties involved? That I don't know! I even don't have an idea either. Pity me. He should be man enough to tell me the reasons why he chose to ended up our relationship. Isn't it unfair in my part? I don't blame him nor blame myself. I know both of us has "pagkukulang", but the fact that he didn't tell me valid reasons why he needs to do so, it's still left me hanging. I respect his decisions and I never regretted anything that had happened. Somehow, it made me a better and stronger person.

Now, we're taking our path separately. Doing our own little things separately. I'm letting him go. I'm setting him free. I am really tired of him. As what they have said "Let go of the people who can not treat you right and never bother to waste time in pleasing them". I am open in a possibility that someday in God's time, we might see each other again. I hope i'm fully moved on for that day to come.

And also I am open in a possibility that someone might court me. I never closes my door for those who are willing and can stand by me till the end. I don't need to have a partner to enjoy God's blessings even if I'm single right now but I am soooo much blessed with other things. Family, Friends, Work, Understanding and Loving clients, Special friend(s) and of course God. I thank God for always keeping me strong. There are times that I wanted to give up, but he never failed me to realize that there are lots of things that are still worth fighting and keeping for. All i know is that, i never did anything against him or to our relationship.

Being single is the happiest moment of every girl's lives. I can do whatever I wanted to do with limitations of course. hehe.. We should enjoy this stage, because our life will turned out to be different upon entering the what you called "married" life. I've learned that we need to be careful on giving up the things we thought has nothing to offer us. Because it might be too late for us to realize that it is the only thing we ever wanted from the start. I wish he could find happiness that he truly deserves! Till then..

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