♥ Messed up ♥

I welcome ya'll to my R-U-I-N-E-D Life! I am not transparent person thus, what you see is NOT always what you get! I may be useless for some other people well, I don't give a sh*t if they think that way about me! Who cares? It's their opinion by the way and their opinion is totally NONSENSE! Why would i bother myself to all those lies? Well in fact, it isn't true at all! I've known myself this far. I can't please everybody to like me nor to love me! I confess, my life really is a M-E-S-S now! So many thing had happened and about to happen!

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  1. reanaclaire Says:

    Don't despair... u r not the only one.. whatever happens, life is precious..and remember, there is always a way out..
    and there is always Someone who is for u and with u..