♥ Some of the Most Beautiful Places in the World ♥

■ When i first saw these photos my impression was Woah! Amazing! How i wish i could at least visit some of these beautiful places in the world one day. It's worth the travel especially if you're going with your loved ones. It is a perfect gift to all the newly weds out there! And it is a great idea for those who deserve a break from work. At some point, we should give a token and quality time to ourselves coz we are all deserve it! :-)

The Petronas Twin Towers:

The Burj Al Arab Hotel:

The Forbidden City:

The Aeolian Islands:

The Eiffel Tower:

The Yellow Stone National Park:

The Banaue Rice Terraces:

The Galapagos Archipelago:

The Bora Bora Island:

The Halong Bay:

The Niagara Waterfalls:

The Great Barrier Reef:

The Great Wall of China:

The pyramids and the sphinx:

Taj Mahal: