♥ Reviving my BROKEN Soul ♥

They used to call me a loner for the reason that i'd rather stay at home during my down times than spending it over to a place where I can sit, relax, chill and have fun. They were totally wrong! I don't consider and i am not used to call myself a loner. It's just that, I grew up in a family where I don't get what I wanted. So sad. In fact, during my college days, I am not allowed to go out with my college friends overnight, if i do, i always make sure to go home on or before the clock hits 12:00 midnight! If not, my mom would get mad at me and i don't want it to happen.

There's pain in my heart now. :-( There are sooo many things in my life that are not suppose to be happening but unfortunately it happened! I will not go into details about it, i would rather keep it privately. I can no longer take this pain anymore. I believe, I also deserve to be happy but why in hell, they won't let me?I know it is not right to judge other people's decisions, but they can't blame me if I don't agree with them! Their ideas and concept in life is way farther from mine!

Don't make someone a priority when they're making you an option! well, that's definitely true! From now on, I'll focus more on the things that would make me happy not only as a person but as a human being as well. I am very emotional person, yes i really am! and i hate myself for being so damn emotional! If you see me happy, always laughing every time i am with you, don't you ever feel so comfortable coz you have no idea what are the things that are running at the back of my mind. In fact, you even have no idea what i feel inside. You don't know what i wanted in this so called LIFE!

Please don't get mad if you see me changed! I will do this for myself. There's so much in my head that i want to share with ya'll but because i want to take it privately, I chooses not to! I would like to thank my friends for being there for me. and also i would take this opportunity to thank my friend/officemate "Amielyn" aka "Mimot" for being there for me too! Thank you for the words of wisdom you've sent to me a while ago. It may be means nothing to you, but for me it means a lot! I know in my heart, she (Amie) really is a good a person. I don't understand why there are people hates her maybe because they don't know much about her. If they just know, who the real amie is, they would agree that indeed, she really is a nice person inside and out. Thanks anyway! :-) Ooopppsss, I am getting out of the topic huh?! tsk tsk tsk.. Till then!


  1. M.I.M.O.T Says:

    hala!!!!! naa lagi akong name diri?!!! haha.. halaka! salamat dai.. nakita diay nimo na sako dai?? ako lang man mga close friend nakakita ana hala oi!!! salamat au huhu makahilak man pud ta ana dai...

    lagi dai... it's true people dont know me inside and judge me the way i act.. THEY THINK THEY KNOW BUT THEY DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA.. o diba?! tagline na sakong blog dai hehe... sige lang na sila ipapadayon lang nako na sila sa ilang gipangbati di ko madatu nila hehe...

    aw dai.. uki rana dai.. just hope and pray .. like what i've said GO GO GO hehehe :)

    thanks dai... mwah*

  2. ..... Says:

    pakkk libre libre amie libre amie hehehhe...

    hi quel, i thought both of you now are okay, but what happened?

    I know its hard to handle a long distance relationship "apir parehas ta". nahimoot ko saimoha ba txt nimo sa akoa ganina buntag hehhee..but its okay gurl that's normal :)

    gurl asa naman tong imong ingon sa akoa nga kato gud heheh tong thursday hehehhe nga mag evolve ka hehehhe.. go gurl dapat lang no!! dli alng cya pirmi imong hunahunaon oi .. u deserved to be happy pud oi naunsa! ayaw ituyok imong world sa iyaha cyempre daghan pang mga adlaw nga mahitabo dba :)ituyok imong world saiyaha if minyo namo hehehe.. bitaw its just my friendly mensahe sa eu lang :)

    go gurl go gurl.. kadungog naka ana nga music? hehehhe .. until here!! ayaw na isip ana oi naunsa .. sama pa ni ale!! poteltial ka, maayong panglawas, pang!!! hehehhehehe ikaw na sumpay hahahhaha. mwahhh luv yah