♥ First day of Workout ♥

Work OutToday is our first day of workout. Right after our graveyard shift we went to a carenderia located at Bonifacio street near UIC (University of the Immaculate Conception) to ate our breakfast. After which, we then proceeded to the gym.

We enrolled for 1 month membership at Smashville Fitness Center. I heard from my officemate that Smashville has a promo. P699 for regular clients and P499 for students. The promo package starts from 5:30 am till 2:00 pm. You can be there atleast an hour before 2 pm and logged out at night just as long as you're in the gym before the given time. Isn't it affordable? What i like most about the package is it includes badminton. Most of the fitness centers don't offer this. You need to pay separately. This is the cheapest promo offer i know. Holiday Spa and Metro Lifestyle are too way expensive.

I love the work out equipments that Smashville Fitness Center have. But i didn't enjoyed that much because right after i do the work out routine i felt sleepy.. Grrrr.. Hmmm i'll take advantage of it during my off from work. ahehehe.. So you better watch out for that. I am not doing this just to lose weight but for health purposes. I guess these two should come together for a better outlook in life. hahaha.. On our way to the gym, i am very excited of their sauna. But i got dismayed when i got there. It's too hot! Imagine, 45 degrees celsius! :-(( I can't breathe. :-(( But my officemate/frend/co-blogger Molit told me that she feels the same way on her first day at Smashville. I am not a first timer though, i'm just shocked with the hotness i felt when i'm inside the sauna room. hehehe..

It's all worth it! :-) Having those moment with your friends is worth remembering! =))


  1. M.I.M.O.T Says:

    nah~! ayaw jud pag tulog2 dira ug kaon2 after work out oi manambok jud ka ana sige ka hehehe.. mga helas man kaau akong mga me amega oi gym2 naman. aheee~! nice diay ilang equipment dai? vongga~!

    duh mirisi di kahinga haha. aw ana man diay na sugod kaya chokehe ra..

    dai kung mamayat nka pa picture ha tpos isend sakoa ha hehehe..

    o nag comment nako ha amanos nata hahaha...

    may pamo gym2 hehehe. ako kaya hahaha di ko ana paluma2 oi tapulan baya kaau ko when it comes sa mga maintain2 na drama nah mutambok judkog taman dai aheee...

    sige dai agi lang ko. o davah agi plang na ha hahaha saon nlng kaha dili hehe..

    sige dai ingna ko kung na loss weight naka hehe

  2. Raquel Says:

    at M.I.M.O.T, salamat sa pag agi dai. agi pa lang gani ana naka saon na lang kaya kung comment na jud dai? hahaha..

    Aw comment pa ni dai? murag dili naman. mura naman nig letanya dai.haha. ikaw na jud dai! aw sure ba pa picture kog taman pag namayat nako dai send nako nimo.. haha

    Saon na lang atong mga missions and visions in life dai kalimtan? balo baya ka unsa purpose aning gym2x ha.. shodi na e tell kay maggubot na pud .hahahaha..

    Geh dai patas na ta dai, nag comment nko nimo nagcomment na sad ka nako.. so uki na? hehehe

    :-P byez!

  3. Erwin Says:

    Yup, the first day of workout started out great.

    Well, I've started my exercise regimen. Its more on cardiovascular exercises anyway. My goal there is to really just to shed some extra pounds and to increase my endurance. If I can run/play for a couple of games and last long on singles matches [Tennis] then I'm contented.

    I hated crunches. That would be the hardest part for me to do on any gym day. LOL

  4. Raquel Says:

    @ Erwin, Nosebleed ko ya. Di makaya ug dili masagang imong comment! What a great comment.. hahahahah..

    Nagdugo akong ilong ya.. hahaha.. Thanks anyways.. ;-)

  5. Raquel Says:

    @ Erwin, Nosebleed ko ya. Di makaya ug dili masagang imong comment! What a great comment.. hahahahah..

    Nagdugo akong ilong ya.. hahaha.. Thanks anyways.. ;-)

  6. M.I.M.O.T Says:

    LOL LOL LOL pakkkkkkkkkkk kuyawag comment ni kuya ERWIN OI~!!! dugo2 gud akong ilong pati baba dugo2. pati buog gawas. ka sosyal man samong me amego oi. murag taga laing planeta ningtuha. asa mani gkan ning mga words diri oi kadali lang beh asa nato akong thesaurus. LOL. atay nag sige nkog katawa dri. ikaw njud ang gitagna sa tanan mananagna ya atot...AMEN.

  7. Raquel Says:

    @M.I.M.O.T, agay agay agay dai murag kita man guro ang saag diri dai? kita man guro duha ang taga laing planeta? hahaha. farout au ang atong me amego oist. dapat d i dai, pag mag comment c kuya erwin kay bitbit ta daan ug encyclopedia, thesaurus ug uban pang mga dictionary. kay nosebleed jud dai. di mabangbang dai.. hahaha

  8. Raquel Says: This comment has been removed by the author.
  9. Death Mark Says:

    Wow! sana meron din dito sa Iloilo. makahanap nga...

    sulit na sulit yang fitness center na yan ah. :)

  10. Raquel Says:

    @ Death Mark, Thanks for stopping by.. :-) Yeah sulit na sulit na talaga as in! imagine P699 lang kasali na dun ang badminton and many others.. weeee. Gusto mo magpa enroll? punta ka dito davao.. ahehe.. :-P