Argh! Photobucket I was disappointed with the No Refund policy of Cebu Pacific. I went to Cebu Pacific office located at NCCC Mall today to inquire on how I can get a refund for my round trip ticket bound for Cebu. A guy entertained me and asked me where did i get my ticket and so i told him through online. He gave me a telephone number to call (long distance pa jud!huhuhu). Since i booked online its another way around. Grrrr! I need to phone their call center ASAP to reversed the payment to my credit card account. I went to the Customer Service of NCCC Mall to buy a load for my cellphone then I immediately dialed the number that was given to me. A Customer Support Representative answered it and she was asking for the confirmation number of my e-ticket. After a couple of minutes, she told me that i am not suitable to get a refund since i avail their promo. I was like whatttt?!!! pardon?!!! huhuhu. It's either i will re-book or to pushed through my flight on the day it's supposed to be. But due to unforeseen event, there's no reason at all for me to go to Cebu. What for? huhuyyy. I'm still thinking on what am i going to do with it. I need to decide on or before March 18, 2009 or else.. huhu.. (Sayang kaayo ma water lang akong kwarta.huhuhu) I was expecting to get a refund but my expectation leads me to disappointment. I want a refund because I need that money. period!

But there's one thing I learned from my experience, next time I will not going to book especially if its way too far for its expected scheduled flight. Anything could happen that will lead you to cancel your bookings. We usually do this to avail their 0 or piso fare promo. But try not to focus on it, especially if you booked online you might not get a refund just like me. huhuhu. I can't decide yet if i'll going to re-book it or not. But one thing's for sure, i will pay the re-booking fee!! huhuhu.Photobucket


  1. anne Says:

    sus girl murag arang arang ra na imoha akoa jud, from 17k ako nabayad sa ila ug wala pa ko nakig away dili nako makuha ang 6 k to the fact na ilahang sala haaay

  2. Raquel Says:

    @ anne, hello gurl! thanks for your comment. lagi oist maayo na lang d i akoa kay wala niabot ug 17k.. ahehehehe. makasuya lang ng ilahang no refund policy sa mga 0 og piso fare nila oi. :-(