♥ Majar's Birthday Bash Part 1 ♥

Happy birthday to our beloved friend/officemate Engr. Majar Villapaz, ECE from your AOV Family. hehehe.. We wish you more birthdays to come! :-)

We will be having our breakfast today at Majar's place located at Panacan Relocation. Actually, it's a double celebration. So we're expecting more foods then. Right Majar? Just joking! ahehe.. Happy Birthday Majar! Eating is our favorite thing to do so don't be shocked if there are no foods left on the table. hahaha.. This is just a reminder though. Just so you know. Thanks in Advance! ;)

Photos will be uploaded later.


  1. mindpower Says:

    Happy Birthday Engr Majar villapaz! beerday unta ako isulti...dli nlng..naga-gym na man gud ka...bawal na beer...heheheh...

    uswag Mr. D! gamay nlng duot kay tooott....

    (4 years nlng pareho na mu ni manoy..peace noy)...

  2. Erwin Says:

    Breakfast at Tiffany's!!!

    Since there's no pictures yet. I'll be imagining what would be the menu for today. Don't worry Majar. We do not eat too much. NOT!

    mindpower=Cliff Ivan
    Ahh let's not talk about age here. Its way too out of topic to be talking about me.

  3. Elton John Says:

    Happy Birthday Engr. Isoy!!!

    Dili na jud beer kay ka cheapan lang na. As Majar says "tilaw pud anang pang datu oie"
    Johnnie Walker Red Label and Novellino na ang drinks worth 1,400 pesos...

    To the MAX na pud ang BIRIT ani ni Ms. Raquel Solera, nya wala pa jud si Jay!!Wlay kumpetensya sa Microphone...

  4. Raquel Says:

    @ mindpower, unsa imong pasabot ani dong? "uswag Mr. D! gamay nlng duot kay tooott...." agay agay agay murag lain na na da! :-? unsa kaya na? hehehe

    @ Erwin, tuara! nosebleed na pud. aw naay ana ya? dapat d i ya pag mag comment kay english jud? hahaha..

    nag dugo2x na sad akong ilong ya. ikaw na jud! amen! bow! haha

  5. Raquel Says:

    @ Elton John, agay nganong na apil man akong name diri sa comment? complete pa jud akong first and last name. Aron ka masayod wala na ko anang videoke2 oist. nagbagong buhay na tawon ko.. hahahaha..

    kaon na pud.. bleh!

  6. -mOlit- Says:

    Happy Birthday Isoy!.. yaw gina hadlok man nimo si majar gurl...basin dili nata padayonon ug adto ani.. kay mahurot ilang fud..hahah...

    @Isoy - i hope dili na paano kaya imong themesong kanang something kilig na soy! go go soy! ayaw pabuyag sa inyong tribu hah..

    @ kuya erwin nosebleed ko kya sakit akong ilong :(

    gurl, feeling pud nku akong neng blog..hahha ..bleeeh

  7. anne Says:

    hi just wondering if your from davao city? I read kasi the panacan lol

  8. Raquel Says:

    @ anne, yep i'm from Davao City. I was born and grew up here. :-)

    Why you were asking? Hope you don't mind. oh BTW, thanks for your comment. :-)I really appreciate it. :-)

  9. anne Says:

    hi girl hehehe taga dito din kaya ako. lol kababayan pala tayo hehehehe