♥ A to Z Tag from Mimot ♥

I got a tag from my beautiful friend/former officemate Mimot. Thanks a lot mie! I really appreciate it! Kiss and Hugs! :-)

A - Attached or Single? -
Single and very much Available.
B - Best Friend? - Yes i have a best friend. Her name is Lovely. But am not sure where she is now.
C - Cake or pie? - Cake. Yummy! But i don't like chiller cakes! It's too sweet. :-(
D - Day of choice? - Either Saturday or Sunday. It depends on my mood.
E - Essential item? - Of course, my cellphone. I bought this almost 3 years ago and i treasured it a lot since it's one of the fruits of my hard work. :-)
F - Favorite Color? - Pink Pink Pink..
G - Gummy Bears or Worms? - I go for Gummy Bears.
H - Hometown? - From the Land of Promise "Davao City".
I - Indulgence? - Ice Cream.. Yum Yum!
J - June or July? - I go for July. It's the birthday month of my 2 brothers. Missing you both! :-(
K - Kids ?- Well, of course i wanted to have kids at the right time and in the right place! hahaha..
L - Life is not complete w/o - God, Family, and Friends. :-) Thank you guys for making me complete! :-)
M - Marriage date? - Date? No idea yet. Hmmm but i would prefer the date when we committed as lovers to be also the date of our marriage. :-)
N - Number of magazine subscriptions - N-O-N-E.
O - Orange or apple? - Orange. FYI, I don't like the taste of apple.
P - Phobias? - There's a lot! Cockroaches, Snakes, Crocodiles, Fear of Height and Water and etc.
Q - Quotes? - I am who I am and your opinion is neither desired nor required.
R - Reason to smile? - Whenever i see my loved ones happy because of ME.. :-)
S - Season of choice? - When i was in college, i always look forward for Summer. So i guess i would stick to that.. Go Go Go Summer. :-P
T - Tag 5 people - Chai, Jean, Lyra, Ronald, Molit.
U - Unknown fact about me - Loves Milk! as in! (Gina lanlan lang na nako..) ahehhe
V - Vegetable? - I'm choosy when it comes to eating vegetable. I love Squash, Baguio Beans, Horse Radish, Cucumber, Cabbage and all those leafy vegetables. Yummy!
W - Worst habit? - Can't think of it as of the moment.. :-(
X - Xray or ultrasound? - I go for Xray. I am quite afraid of ultrasound.
Y - Your favorite foods? - MTM (Many to Mention).. I am getting hungry huh!!
Z - Zodiac sign - SAGITARRIUS.

I had enjoyed doing these stuff and if I have not tagged you, you are free to go ahead and do this tag on your site.


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  1. Jean Says:

    tnx girl! I love it!

  2. Chai Says:

    thank you sa tag racq,hehe

  3. Raquel Says:

    @ Jean, No Problem. ;) Basta ikaw...hehe :-)

    @ Chai, You're Welcome Chai! :-) Kurog ko nimo.. hehe.. :-)

  4. mc'coolot Says:

    oi raquel! haha.. wa mn ko nmu g tag ani.. kani gnhan ta ko ani na topc..LOL.. hha.. cge nlng.. hahaha ..