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Quick Update: Birthday Celebrants for the Month of February

I just want to greet my Mom, Sister, Friends, Officemates, Enemy ( if there's any.. :-) ) who was born on February a happy happy birthday.

*Birthday Celebrants*
February 14 - Joy Uy
February 18 - Robert Agosto
February 24 - Elton John Jabajab Ersando, Ms. Mai and Levi Villa
February 25 - Eryl
February 26 - My Mom and Roald Decena
February 27 - My Sister and Kuya Ramel dela Cruz
Happy Birthday ya'll! :-D

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♥ 10 Things you don't know about ME ♥

I've been tagged by Laurie . I'm really sorry for the late posting. I'm quite busy with work. :-D Thank you! 10 Things you don't know about me are written below:

1. My nickname is "King". Yes you heard it right. Not "Quel", "Raqs", "Raq" and "So".. hehe
2. I'm a videoke addict. :-D
3. I can't sleep at night without my mom beside me..
4. I was once being cheated on and lied to.. :-(
5. I was once suspended during my elementary days for some reasons. :-D
6. I joined Singing contests in our department twice (Engineering department). Luckily, I won.. :-D
7. I'm a Papa's girl. :-( I missed him so much.
8. I can't go out without a powder. :-D
9. Easy to get along with.
10. I'm not fond of reading books. hehehe..

And now I'm tagging the ff:


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Single (Ladies?) Night Out

Weeee... It was supposed to be a All-Single Ladies Night out but due to unexpected circumstances we (Aubrey and I) spent the rest of the night with the Night Shift Boys. hahaha. Jessica wasn't able to join us since she needs to go home early for some reasons. Anyway, we spend our early valentine at Damosa Gateway. I was with my 2 beautiful friends/officemates namely: Jessica and Aubrey. I ate my dinner at Dimsum (I had no choice but to eat alone since they already had eaten their dinner). After which, we headed to Cafe Firenzo to sip some smoothies and had a girl talk. There, we got the chance to know each other well. We talked a lot of things even secrets. hahaha.. Shhhh.. Indeed, it was a great evening for all of us! Thank you (Jess and Aubs) for the company. :-D Till next time.. ;)

Aubrey and Jessica, Aubrey and I @ Cafe Firenzo
Single Ladies Night OutAubrey and I at Cafe Firenzo
Single Ladies Night Out
Jessica, Aubrey and Me at Dimsum located at Damosa Gateway
Single Ladies Night Out
Jessica, Aubrey and Me at Cafe Firenzo
Single Ladies Night OutSingle Ladies Night Out
Aubrey and I @ Sea Wall
Single Ladies Night OutSingle Ladies Night Out

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Sick as a Dog :-(

I am sick as a dog. Really am. :-( I don't feel very good right now. I wanted to go home early but I can't. There's so much tasks to work on, much site/member problems to deal with. I feel so lazy last night while heading to the office. Thank God, I arrived at 5:59 pm. I know it's not yet late but I don't want to login during the grace period. For me, it still late. :-D My client told me that i should leave early and she also said that i can take any rest that i need. If i do need an extra break for rest during work. But of course I don't want to do that coz i don't want to be spoiled by them. hehehe. I am just thankful coz i have a very understanding client. :-D Bye for now guys.. See you again soon. Hopefully i'll be fine today. I already took my meds. -XoXo-

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♥ Latest Update ♥

Piece of MeWeee the photo above was taken last sunday at Smashville Fitness Center. Due to boredom, i took some photos of myself. I love projecting infront of the camera. hehehe. But i see to it there's no one around me. (kaulaw ra ah..hehehe) Sorry guys if i haven't posted any interesting topic yet. I wasn't able to do so because there's a minor renovation happening at our house since last week. It's so dusty. I will give you full details when it's finished. Ok i give you a hint, it's one of my projects (projects jud? with "s" jud d i? hehehe) for the year 2009. Hopefully it will be finish next week. I just hope so. I have no money na. *fingers crossed*.

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♥ Top 10 EC Droppers for the month of January ♥

Now is my turn to give credits to those bloggers who kept on visiting my blog.

Anyway, these are the list of my Top 10 EC Droppers for January. Sorry for the late post guys. Kinda busy with my work and other extra curricular activities. Well, it is better late than never right? lol. I thank you all for stopping by and for dropping an EC to my blog. I really appreciate it. I hope to see you again for the month of February and so on. Just keep on dropping an EC and i will drop to yours as well.

Please feel free to drop an EC on their blogs as well:
Life's Journey, Zero, my review, LauriLiaw, Double X Geek, Moi et mon univers!, angelhorna, 60 Were Enough, Christina's Movie Review Mania and BloggerRap.

( P.S. Sorry if the screenshot above looks blurry. I am at the gym right now. There's no adobe photoshop or installed in the PC im currently using. :-( *sigh* )

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♥ A visit to Moses - New born Baby ♥

We never had a chance to visit Ate Anne's labor (my sister-in-law) at Tagum Doctors Hospital last January 26, 2009. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Moses. It was my brother who gave him that biblical name. I wonder what's with the number 26? I was born on November 26, my Mom on February 26 and now baby Moses was born on January 26.

Anyway, we had visited Ate Anne at their place today. I was with my Mom, Sister, Auntie Ising, Cousin Gang-gang and Kim-Kim (our neighbor). I took advantage of my digital camera. Here's what he looks like. Whew! Cute isn't it? :-D