♥ A visit to Moses - New born Baby ♥

We never had a chance to visit Ate Anne's labor (my sister-in-law) at Tagum Doctors Hospital last January 26, 2009. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Moses. It was my brother who gave him that biblical name. I wonder what's with the number 26? I was born on November 26, my Mom on February 26 and now baby Moses was born on January 26.

Anyway, we had visited Ate Anne at their place today. I was with my Mom, Sister, Auntie Ising, Cousin Gang-gang and Kim-Kim (our neighbor). I took advantage of my digital camera. Here's what he looks like. Whew! Cute isn't it? :-D

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  1. anne Says:

    the baby is so cute. congrats to your sister in law and her family

  2. -mOlit- Says:

    cute sa baby girl oi..hehe..my

  3. pchi Says:


    lapit lang pala tayo

    Davao-Panabo ako!

    cute baby by the way!