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Promises Treatment CenterDrug Rehab California is one of the treatment professionals working within one of the program at Promises. Their clients come from all walks of life whose life have been ruled by alcohol or drugs. Many other celebrities, college students, mothers, fathers and etc. have been treated at Promises. Their staff members have own personal experience with drug and or alcohol addiction. Every member of their team is committed to providing the quality care that their client needs. They have the best facility in the field of addiction treatment. I encourage you all to read through the drug rehab california to familiarize their treatment programs, facilities. And to get to know more of their treatment team members and administrative staff.


  1. Minh Says:

    Thanks for your article. Having an alcohol addiction is a very difficult condition to deal with. If someone has the signs and symptoms of alcoholism, it is important to get them into effective treatment as soon as possible. The sooner an alcoholic gets into an effective alcohol treatment programme, the less likely they are to suffer from the more serious long term effects of alcohol abuse.

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    Life Works Community Blog also gives a source of information and inspiration from some of the leading counselors at Life Works. Topics include: alcohol addiction and drug addiction, eating disorders ( anorexia, bulimia , and compulsive overeating ), depression and anxiety disorders , and compulsive disorders ( sex addiction , love addiction , gambling addiction , and codependency ).