Sick as a Dog :-(

I am sick as a dog. Really am. :-( I don't feel very good right now. I wanted to go home early but I can't. There's so much tasks to work on, much site/member problems to deal with. I feel so lazy last night while heading to the office. Thank God, I arrived at 5:59 pm. I know it's not yet late but I don't want to login during the grace period. For me, it still late. :-D My client told me that i should leave early and she also said that i can take any rest that i need. If i do need an extra break for rest during work. But of course I don't want to do that coz i don't want to be spoiled by them. hehehe. I am just thankful coz i have a very understanding client. :-D Bye for now guys.. See you again soon. Hopefully i'll be fine today. I already took my meds. -XoXo-

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  1. inday_adin Says:

    Hope you are feeling well by now. Take care and get some much needed rest.