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Piece of MeWeee the photo above was taken last sunday at Smashville Fitness Center. Due to boredom, i took some photos of myself. I love projecting infront of the camera. hehehe. But i see to it there's no one around me. (kaulaw ra ah..hehehe) Sorry guys if i haven't posted any interesting topic yet. I wasn't able to do so because there's a minor renovation happening at our house since last week. It's so dusty. I will give you full details when it's finished. Ok i give you a hint, it's one of my projects (projects jud? with "s" jud d i? hehehe) for the year 2009. Hopefully it will be finish next week. I just hope so. I have no money na. *fingers crossed*.

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  1. inday_adin Says:

    You look lovely! :)

  2. RoNald Says:

    wafaha oi. pwede ngau cell number miss? txtm8 ta beh.hehehhee

    agi2x ra ko girl

  3. Princess Cinderella Says:

    ka gwapa ni mi amiga oi..hehehe