♥ Is it Over? :-( ♥

I've had to deal with problems for the past few days and that's the mere reason why i haven't posted anything on my blog. What i went through is not easy though i have no choice but to be strong.

I filed a 1-day vacation leave last Monday. SOmehow, it helped me to worry-free myself from all the problems I've encountered. I am very much open to talk about my personal problems with my officemates. In fact, i always ask for their own opinion and see what advise i could get from them. I remember what Molit told me last night something like: "Gurl, if you want to work things out or want to make things better then i suggest hold on to that person but if time comes, you can no longer take the pain then it'd be better to let go of that person. it's too much! Be strong, Hold on and Have Faith."..

It feels so good when you have your good friends with you especially in times that you needed them most. I can say i am lucky enough to have them. They are NOT a bad influence to me. I just want to take this opportunity to thank them for always been there for me.

I hope 1 day he'd be able to see my worth. Only time can tell him that. I watched "Your Song" last sunday and there's line there that hits me. A guy (played by Enchong Dee) said and it goes something like: "Ngayon, handa na ako na maging bf mo" and the girl (played by Kim Chiu) replied: "At ngayon para sa akin wala na".. touching, isn't it? If you happen to be an avid viewer of this show, you'll know what i'm talking about.

Our relationship may not be perfect but it was REAL. :-(

I don't wanna talk about my personal problem. I just don't feel like doing it. I can still take the pain, I just know when to stop. :-(

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  1. -mOlit- Says:

    halu gurl.. partly I know sa mga panghitabo.. and it made me sad seeing you hurting.. hai..

    Its over or not. I want Justice.heheh.. wala ko kablo if blind lang ba cya sa reality na luv nimo cya.. or TANGA lang zud cya gurl na dili niya makita imong worth..hai nalang zud...Unsa paman iya ginapangita luv nimo cya to the highet level plus gwapa pa zud ka.. hai TANGA!...

    gurl as what I always say Be strong and Have faith..

    Hope he sees what he is about to lose..


  2. mc'coolot Says:

    i know how it feels to be in your shoe raqs.. ive been there.. i mean im still thre. wat da! it hurts! i know it really hurts so badly! it's unfair .. but watever it is, life must go on..