♥ To all the C-H-E-A-T-E-R-S ♥

Here's to all the suc*ers out there and to those who intend to be one.

-You dont have the right to hurt anybody especially the ladies, the ladies who does nothing but love you.

-When you don't feel contented about how things are going with your relationships, looking for somebody else or another one is never the solution.Were you even thinking?.You're making me puke!.lol!

-Whatever you do in your life, do it responsibly.In every action, there's always a corresponding reaction/circumstance you should be aware of that. Karma will always be there to back us up so just wait for your seasons you freaking maggots!

-Don't be so pathetic in giving excuses because only those that are born losers give such excuses. Don't make us some fool.we all are born rational.You just dont seem to be using ur head...stop concentrating on your D***!

-Yes, women are far more great in number than with men..but it doesnt mean that you guys should get as much as you want.How would you feel that if in the end, nobody would ever come to you anymore?.not even just to give a glance.Oh, poor fella!.lol!

Men who cheat are never deserving of any kind of love from anybody..not even from pets.lol!.The next time you cheat, make it good.Because you'll never know what you'll get by the time you realized your neck's already gushing with blood.haha

Men may be cool but it doesnt mean they could rule the world.Face it, You can never live without women around you.Even from the simplest things in your lives, you would still need women..always and forever.So dont wait for the time that women gets fused up by all your sucking habits. Its not always that women will surrender to you.They have their own lives to live..So if you still want to have a glimpse of your future..behave mhen.or you'll get your sweet dose of your own medz.. ;)

Its never my loss but his.He'll soon realized how stupid he was..

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