....never AGAIN....

I will NOT let anyone hurt me. NEVER AGAIN! Soon in God's time, he will realized how stupid he was! I confess, i am still not ok but i'm trying my very best to get over him. What HE did to me is unacceptable! He's not worth it!

Wish you real happiness! May you find the perfect girl you ever wanted! A girl who doesn't have vices, who doesn't FLIRT with other guys. If you can't be honest with HER, just be CAREFUL!

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  1. -mOlit- Says:

    halu gurl.. I hope eh dib2x nimo ng NEVER AGAIN.. I guess its a time to move forward kung wala na zud chance...I know u been too good...just remember na.. KARMA goes around..4x painful..

    Hope things would be better..cheerup gurl.. there's more to life... :)