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When all were set for our Out-of-town Trip, nothing beats the excitement we felt. I already anticipated that the trip will be more fun, exciting and worth remembering. Knowing the line up of activities and the people I'll be spending my time with, no doubt! I can truly say, it is an event to look forward to.

As expected, each one of us in the group has a role. Kaiser acted as our treasurer, Richard was assigned for the printing of e-tickets and etc., Irvin was the one who is in-charge with the group's reservation while Tammy and I were assigned for the Itinerary. We gathered all the information found on the world wide web. Upon Googling, we both come across to a website which delivers fast results while doing an online search. The site is impressive though. This is the website we have been looking for. Once a quick search has been made, the top 5 results were mapped immediately. If you live in a small US towns and looking for an online information and complete links to map directions of these towns Atlanta, GA, Buffalo, NY and St. Louis, MO then this website is right for you. The site is helpful to those who want to search anything on the web from New York's cheapest hotels to New and Used Car deals and etc. How informative this website is!

Will surely love to share the site I found to people I know. I'm just grateful because we had come up with a good itinerary plan through this website. :)