Katibawasan Falls in Camiguin Island

Katibawasan Falls was the first tourist spot that the group has visited in Camiguin Island last October 23, 2009. We toured around Camiguin and we were able to visit almost all of Camiguin's tourist spots during our 1 day stay there.

Katibawasan Falls has an entrance fee of 30 pesos per person since the place most especially the falls are well maintained by the people of Camiguin. Souvenirs and other stuffs are available outside the place. Tourists are welcome to swim in the Falls. No swimming attire is required though. I must say, Katibawasan Falls is a must place to visit. It is a perfect place to cool off during summer and is a place for nature lover too! Nice ambiance, Giant trees, Big ferns are wandering around the location. According to the locals, the Falls measures 250 feet high, cascades to a rock pool and is enclosed by big trees, boulders, ferns and orchids.

I will surely love to visit Camiguin over again! Not only because of the tourist spots that the place can offer but the people who lives in Camiguin itself. People in Camiguin are so hospitable and are so nice! No wonder why lot of people kept coming back to Camiguin.. :)

Our Camiguin Island trip was simply awesome! More of Camiguin's spots will be posted here soon.. :)
Katibawasan Falls in Camiguin IslandKatibawasan Falls in Camiguin IslandKatibawasan Falls in Camiguin IslandKatibawasan Falls in Camiguin Island


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