Cagayan - Camiguin Escapade

We toured around Cagayan and Camiguin a month ago and just last week my officemate named Richard, made a video out of our 3 day trip. He uploaded it on Facebook and most of us liked the video he made.. Though it is kinda emo, but it does make sense.. I just want to share our Cagayan - Camiguin Escapade to you guys. There's more than this video can tell... :) Beautiful memories are hard to forget especially when spend it with cool people.. I must say, this is one of the event I'll treasure for a lifetime! ;)

Thanks Richard for making this video! Weeeeee.. ;)


  1. Batangala Says:

    We'll be going to CDO-Camiguin this August. I know its the monsoon season but we have no choice since we've already booked since last year. Any suggested itinerary for our visit there would be greatly appreciated :)