Source of Anger

Source of Anger"KNOW ME FIRST!!"

I don't get mad easily. Few of my friends know that. There are times, I am misunderstood by these judgmental people around me. Well, we can't please everybody and there's nothing I can do if they hated me. Hell I care! I won't do anything just for them to like me. If they can not accept me for who I really am then so be it!

Today is one of the not-so-lucky day for me. There are these people who love to fucking up my day! I don't know why these people love to see me hurt! They are lavishly happy seeing me bleed. They are driving me off the wall! Grrrrrr! Hate this feeling!

Oh well, I need to hold my horses or else they'll be dead.. haha.. Relax Raquel.. Just Relax... Breathe in... Breathe out..


  1. Flavor Says:

    hehehhe...ate raqs...RELAX:P you are right, there are these people who likes others to agonize in hell. And seeing you in torments make them happy... kaya minsan, it is better to be INSENSITIVE when they start their SHALLOW acts. Time will come,mapapagod lang yan sila ;)

    hehehe...kaya, stay calm and the ATE RAQUEL I know!:D

  2. Chai Says:

    megs, kinsa diay nag away nimo megs? na nosebleed ko sa comment ni tammy. dili ko kagukod. hehehe.

    anyway,pasagdi nalang nang mga taong why lain mabuhat sa ilang kinabuhi. nagpapansin lang nah.

  3. Chai Says: