At Last!

At last! My nephew was discharged from the hospital last May 8, 2009. Early morning of May 4, 2009, my nephew was rushed to the hospital together with his Mom and my nephew's nanny. We knew that something went wrong with him because of his loud cries on that day and even a week before that. We received a text from his mother that my nephew will undergo several tests. After the tests that he took, his doctor found out that his platelets were low. His doctor suspected that my nephew might have dengue and she suggested my sister in law to admit my nephew on the afternoon. Good thing, we were able to rushed him to the hospital before it gets worsen. I feel so hopeless for my nephew. There's nothing i can do to make him feel better. I look at him with teary eyed. And so he was confined at the San Pedro Hospital on the afternoon of May 4, 2009. He underwent X-ray. A result came and found out that there are lots of phlegm on his lungs. Poor little boy.. :( Thank God, it was not dengue, it's Pneumonia. He stayed at the hospital for almost 5 days and now my nephew is more active, he's happier now than what he was before and to top it all he gained weight!

Just want to extend my warmest gratitude to all of you who kept on praying for my nephew's recovery. Most especially to my client (Christine) for letting me know that my nephew's recovery is included on her prayers.. I thank God that nothing bad had happened to my nephew.. ;)


  1. Mel Avila Alarilla Says:

    Praise the Lord that your nephew is already well. Prayer can indeed produce wonderful results for it opens heaven's gate to those who knock on it. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  2. Chai Says:

    kaluoy sa bata megs noh? cge lang megs atleast ok na kaayo sya. tama ba? swerte nang bataa nah kay naa syay tita raqs. weeeeeeeee hehe

    wah char :P

  3. Raquel Says:

    @ Mel: Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it! ;)

  4. Raquel Says:

    @ Chai: UU megs as in luoy au xa with all the tusok2x of the dagum sa iyang tiil. :-( wala man gipaagi sa iyang kamot kay dili maklaro ang ugat mao to sa tiil xa gitusukan aron para sa dextrose sadihang twice jud xa gi tusok kay sa sugod wala nakita ang ugat.. :(( luoy au daghan au xa samad. :( thanks God ok na xa now.. Thanks megs! ;)

    wa char? ayaw kog char chara dira me amega. ayp.. hehe