Congratulations Teyona-America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 Winner

Teyona-America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 WinnerI spent my weekend on watching America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 episodes. Thanks to YouTube for allowing its users to upload videos that were take from shows like ANTM. :) I took 8 hours each day for two consecutive days watching it. I'm not a dial up user though, but sometimes DSL is so slow on buffering.. Tsk Tsk..

Anyway, what I like most about Teyona is how she carry herself on the photo shoots, you can see on her how confident she really is on the runway. I like the way she ramped because it looks like she's not an amateur model. She has this unique look, a great body, and a very photogenic face that I think made her win the contest. Yeah I agree, she's very photogenic on her photos and she knows where her angle is.

It was a close fight between Teyona and Allison. I like Allison because she's not boastful like the other girls. When I first saw the ANTM's episode, there were these two models that caught up my attention. It were Natalie and Jessica. They are so pretty! But unfortunately, Jessica didn't make it. Natalie was able to make it to top 6. But the thing is she has an attitude problem, she even named arrogant by Aminat. It's pretty obvious that Aminat doesn't like her. When they were in Brazil, Natalie kept on complaining. When the deliberation happened, Tyra Banks herself advised her it's not only being pretty. (FYI: Allison, Natalie, Fo and Jessica were signed for FORD Models). I love Allison! She may have big eyes but that make her unique. If she only knows how to use it then I guess there'll be no problem with it. For me, they are both winners! Making it that far proves that Teyona and Allison were both deserving!

Congratulations Teyona! You really deserve it! Good luck on your contract with ELITE Model Management. :)