♥ Jhowell's Birthday ♥

Weee... On the 25th day of December, we were able to celebrate Christmas at Jhowell's place. It was his 26th birthday. I didn't expect that Jhowell is serious on his mass invitation through yahoo messenger. Knowing jhowell, he isn't serious in everything he says. (peace jho!). until i received a confirmation message from him. weee.. kaon na pud! Only few who make it! Mylene wasn't able to come with us. Lyra didn't make it as well since it was their monthsary.. She is with her boyfriend. Molit and Gemini are in Tagum and Bukidnon.

Kuya Erwin picked me up at Sandawa since he'll be bringing a van with him.. pakkk! sosyal jud ni atoang me amego oi! tsk tsk tsk. We headed to Mcdo near Victoria Plaza. While on our way, we had a hard time finding the Green bank. :-( the only "palatandaan" which will lead us to jhowell's crib. huhuhu. We were going in circles.. huhuhu.. Until, jhowell saw us. weee..

Daghana ug handa oi! as in! I was so full. Name the food you like to eat and they all have it! :-) Belated Happy Birthday Jho! :-)

Jhowell Corotan's BirthdayJhowell Corotan's BirthdayJhowell Corotan's Birthday
Jhowell Corotan's Birthday


  1. quake2eater Says: This comment has been removed by the author.
  2. quake2eater Says:

    Lagi sige lag kaon. Grabeh mrag more than 24 hrs gud sukad Christmas Eve ang kainan! Fasting na lang after Jan 1, 2009


  3. sieteRam Says:

    waaa Majar bigaon! dudalets na gyud ko nimo dudong... hehehe

  4. Raquel Says:

    @ quaketoeater, kurikong jud ka ya! sugod dec. 24 hangtod nag 25 na lang grabeng pangaon.. weeee.. likeness kaau ila jhowell hastang daghana og food! nabuang jud ko sa food.. hehehe..

    @ sieteRam, aw dugay na na bigaon c majar te tess karon pa ka?hehehe.. na er.ang na xa kay jhowell. tsk tsk tsk.. atik atik lang na c majar pahilom hilom ra na pero babaye d i to.. lol.. hahaha.

  5. Jhowell Corotan Says:

    To all who came to my bday.. isa lang akong ingon sa inyo.. salamat.. mga wala moy regalo!!!..:P jejeje guys you make my bday a memorable one, and ill treasured it a lifetime.. smile nako abot sa likod.. SALAMAT mga UPLOX!!!!! :P sa uulitin.. sana

  6. Raquel Says:

    @ Jhowell Corotan, salamat sa pag drop by sa akong blog.. weeee.. likeness kaayo nako ang imohang bday jho hastang daghana sa food! sadihang nalibog jud ko unsa akong kaunon! pasabta! weee.. sa uulitin jho kita kits na pud sa imong bday on DECEMBER 25, 2009.. hahaha.

    Two thumbs up for yah! :-D