♥ A day with officemates ♥

Shake Rattle and Roll X♥ Yesterday, we got the chance to watch a Metro Manila Film Festival entry titled "Shake Rattle and Roll X". This is a memorable day for us since this is the first time that the guys namely: Majar, Cliff and Erwin are the ones who invited the girls to watch a tagalog movie. Knowing them, they are not fond of watching tagalog movies. hahaha..

The movie consists of 3 episodes. The title of the 3 episodes are: Episode 1- "Emergeny", Episode 2 - "Class Picture" and Episode 3 - "Nieves: The Encanto Slayer". In fairness, it was a good movie except for the episode 1. The main stars of "Emergency" are Roxanne Guinoo and JC de Vera. Wendell Ramos and Mylene Dizon played as Zombie (hmmm i am not really sure what they called..hehe). Honestly, we didn't like the story of it. It was shot in all the hospitals in Luzon. Both episodes 2 and 3 were the best! "Class Picture" stars Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. On the other hand, episode 3 stars Marian Rivera known as Nieves, Diana Zubiri and Pekto (the love interest of Marian in the Movie) and etc.

We watched the Movie at the Gmall. Michael unfortunately didn't join us since he wasn't informed about it and so with Lyra. hehehe.. bfn*


  1. mygen Says:

    "hindi na dapat pinag-uusapan pa ang matagal ng hiwalay" aw tama ba?

  2. Raquel Says:

    @mygen, kuan to xa mai "Hindi na dapat pinag uusapan ang matagal ng hiwalay".. hahaha..

    Pero in fairness mai, enjoy baya ta while watching the movie diba? hehehe..