♥ Cebu-Bohol Tour '09 ♥

While surfing on the Internet we bumped into Cebu Pacific's website http://www.cebupacificair.com and we were glad to know that they offer a zero fare rate in any domestic flights but of course with a given period of time. Mylene asked us if we're going to pursue our planned trip because we'll be using her credit card for the payment. This trip was planned 3 months ago and so we're all excited for the moment to come! weeeee...

Weeee.. the long wait is over! Some of us filed a vacation leave before the trip so they have more time to prepare. Lyra, Jay, Cliff, Michael and I are on duty. We work on a graveyard shift. weeee...

■ Departure Area at the Davao International Airport last December 4, 2008.

Davao International Airport■ My moments.. Tsk Tsk Tsk. My solo pics in different parts of the world.. hahaha..

Solo Pics of Raquel Solera
Cebu Pacific■ We traveled for 2 hours from Cebu to Bohol by water via Weesam Express 8. We arrived at Tagbilaran City at around 4pm. We headed to Island City Mall to buy some stuffs and some food to eat. It was already dark when we arrived at my auntie's house. We had no choice but to stay in the house till morning. We ate our dinner and have some chit chats. After the dinner, we bond. We watched "The Ruins". Lyra and I didn't mind the ending of the movie. It feels that our body will collapsed. huhuhu.. We feel asleep. :-)

■ At the Loboc Museum in Bohol.

Loboc Museum■ Day 2 in Bohol:After at the Loboc Museum, we headed to Man-Made forest. We took some pictures. We didn't mind the busses, jeepneys passing by.. :-)

Man-Made Forest■ Weeee... Wacky pics! :-)

Man-Made Forest■ At the Chocolate Hills. It was so hot when we arrived in the place. Grrr.. What about the stairs? hmmm no comment.. Come and visit Bohol and see it for yourself. haha

Chocolate Hills in Bohol■ Next stop the "Sagbayan Peak"! We enjoyed our snap visit in SagbayanPeak. It's a perfect place for kids.

Sagbayan Peak in Bohol■ Weeee.. Where am I? Am in the Disneyland? hahaha..

Sagbayan Peak in Bohol■ Chillin' out.. Disneyland? ambisyosa!

Sagbayan Peak in Bohol■ At the Hinagdanan Cave. It was already 3pm and we haven't eaten our lunch yet. Pasabta! :-(

Hinagdanan Cave in Bohol■ It was a great experience! We really had fun and we enjoyed our stay in Bohol. Though it was only a 2 day stay but, we made sure to make the most out of it. It was a great feeling to spend your vacation to people who had been already part of your life! I value the friendship that we already have. I'll never forget these days! surely.. :-)

■ On our way to Cebu. At Weesam Express.

Weesam Express 8Weesam Express 8Weesam Express 8
Weesam Express 8■ We arrived in Cebu at 2pm (Saturday, December 6, 2008). We directly headed to Odrale's aunt in Talisay, Cebu. Approximately a 30 minute ride from the City proper. At 8pm, Me, Amie and Aubrey went to IT Park in Lahug Cebu City to meet up the Cebu Bloggers namely Miong and Jorich. Jorich is my team mate/officemate in 1and1 way back a year ago.

■ At "The Walk". IT Park, Lahug Cebu City.

IT Park Lahug Cebu City■ Party Time at Mango Square. Saturday Night Fever isn't over yet! weee.. Party party party..

Mango Square in Cebu City■ 2nd Day in Cebu. At the Taoist Temple. A Sacred place.. The place is great. It was over looking the city proper. The houses near Taoist were all big! weee...

Taoist Temple in CebuTaoist Temple in CebuTaoist Temple in Cebu■ At Magellan's Cross. It's not my first time to go to this place. I stayed in Cebu City almost a year. I worked as a Technical Support Rep. at 1and1 internet phils. inc located in IT Park.

Magellan's Cross■ Our 5-day Vacation is almost over.. huhuhu.. Our last night was filled with moments. Videoke, inom2x, bonding2x and etc.

Cebu Bohol Tour■ The moment is here. It's time to fly back to Davao. huhuhu.. Indeed, it was a great feeling yet an expensive vacation ever! hehehe.. No other things can compare what we have had experienced. I did enjoy our vacation! Somehow, it tightens our bond together. The bond of Friendship. I'm going to treasure this tour for the rest of my life! It may not be perfect but it's one of the best vacation i had. Just want to thank you guys for making me feel whole again.

■ Weeee... Arrival.. We arrived at the Davao International Airport around 11:50 am, Monday morning (December 8, 2008).

Davao International AirportThat's all folks. Till next tme! :-)


  1. mindpower Says:

    yeah! very memorable trip....nice blog...

    sa uulitin....saan ang next na destination?

  2. mygen Says:

    yeah it was one of the best vacations and the next destination will be Disneyland HongKong, guys... LOL nangandoy! hahaha what if Manila for 1 night and 2 days? with p56 fare cebu pac? no VL required pa!, saturday morning go, then back on sunday night! hahahhaa game? book ko kung ma timingan, then dra na mag decide... hehehe

  3. Raquel Says:

    @ mindpower yeah, i agree it was a very memorable trip! Looking forward for more trips in the future! weee..next stop? hmmm.. i don't know yet probably, hongkong, disneyland.. char.. :-D

    @ mygen sure go ko ana! hehehe.. dugay na pud ko gusto muadto manila.. i missed that place! ingna lang mi mai if madayon or what kay panukaran na sad na nato.. hehehe..

  4. iosy Says:

    Nice trip... I was the most wonder trip I ever had... Its my first time...:P

  5. quake2eater Says:

    nice trip... another one again pagmakapera. hope time doesn't run out.

  6. Raquel Says:

    @ iosy and quake2eater, I agree on you both! It isn't my first to travel but it's one of the best vacation i had in my entire life and i'll value those moments for the rest of my life!

    @ quake2eater, i hope the next trip would be different.. weee.. :-) It was great!

  7. mc'coolot Says:

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. thanks for posting our pic raqs!

    oist ayaw na kono pag sad2x dha! new year na baya.....


    chill out!!!!

    Happy new year!!!!

    xOxOxO ^_^


  8. Raquel Says:

    @ mc'coolot, aw ana jud na horhe dawat2x lang na.. Remember, Vengeance is a must but KARMA is always with it.. :-)

    Pacensya now lang nako na post ang pics nato ha.. busy au ko kulot as in.. huhuhuhuyy.. au au dira.. xoxo

  9. Miong Says:

    hi raquel! hehe.kaila pko oi.bata pa baya ko, dili kalimtanon.hehe cge ill add u up on my links. and salamat pod sa inyong pag ari sa among cebu.hehe
    pasensya gyud dugai kaau ko nkacomment back.
    happy new year dha!hehe

  10. Raquel Says:

    @ Miong, hehe.. bataa pa nimo sa imong nawong miong oi.. tsk tsk.. sunod kamo na sad adto diri sa davao.. tsk tsk.. na add na tika sa akong blog roll miong. thanks sa pag visit ha.. :-)

  11. Raquel Says:

    @ Miong, hehe.. bataa pa nimo sa imong picture*