♥ Francine Prieto - Fat and Fab? ♥

Francine Prieto Fat and FabFrancine Prieto struggling to lose weight after receiving negative feedbacks from the public who have witnessed "The Bench Denim and Underwear Fashion Show" held at the Araneta Coliseum last July 25, 2008.

Many Models and Celebrities ramped and showcased their curved bodies to the press people and public. But everyone get disappointed when Francine Prieto ramped on the runway and saw a big change on her body while wearing her black lingerie. People couldn't help but to criticize her of being too fat. The Sexy actress admits that she gained weight due to stress. At times when the Sexy Actress is stressed out, she spend her time on eating food that she craved for without even thinking that she has to prepare for the Fashion Show.

Francine, doesn't want her other Sponsors get dismayed about her "chubbiness" so she's making a way now on how to slimmer her body. The sexy comedienne is determined on working out. She does jogging and if she has no commitment she played Tennis. Francine Prieto promised that these people will be amazed on the next Bench Fashion Show. Let us wait and see. It is too early to say.. ;))
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  1. john marzan Says:

    promise francine you won't get fat again. ever!