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Break UpIt is really hard when you've decided to break up with your bf/gf. For some reasons it can't be avoided. Relationships doesn't have always a happy ending, anyways. It never was. and there is no guarantee that the one you have right now, will be the one you're going to spend the rest of your life with. There'll come a point, you'll feel tired of always understanding him/her, tired of indulging into nonsense arguments and the never ending broken promises. Promises are made to be broken, isn't it?

During break-ups, it's always the girl who really feel affected about it. i don't know why, but it's the trend! maybe because we're too emotional than men. Men, usually get over it a month or two. but for women it would take a year to fully recovered from a painful break up. God! Before making any decisions, do make sure that it would be the best for both of you. it would be unfair to the other person to break up with him/her with no valid reasons at all! Be fair to your partners.

We've been through hell with my long-time-bf before, but luckily we managed to get over it. and now, we're deeply in-love with each other.. :-D
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