Cracks Nail Polish are IN!

Just recently, I got hooked up with trendy Nail Polish. T.T I remember one time, I was browsing through the fan page of my fave "Kikay" brand, Accessorize that is on FB when I stumbled on a very interesting post which has a direct link to her blog. I immediately clicked the link and was sent to her personal blog! T.T I find it super nice and worth-reading because it has something to do with SHOPPING! haha.. T.T It took me hours browsing her blog till I read a post about Nail Polish. That very moment, I was mesmerized with her crack nail polish wondering how she got it done. The blogger did mention a list of nail polish brands that will look uber nice once applied to your nails one of them is "Etude House". That time, I was like what the heck is EH? I didn't even know it's a korean brand. hahaha. Until one day, me and my fiance went to the mall to buy some stuff when we unknowingly dropped by "Etude House". I stopped and smiled then suddenly I remember the blog I was reading.. Gotcha! I found ya! haha. Didn't expect there's an EH brand in that mall though. T.T I went inside the store and found this blue crack nail polish. I was planning to buy the black one since a lot of people are talking about it unfortunately, all of 'em were already sold out. T.T so I grab the chance and bought the blue nail polish instead.

A day after I contacted my neighbor to try the blue crack out! I instructed her on what to do and viola! hehe. Next time I will do it myself not yet now since I'm still studying how to achieve its perfect look. LOL I now consider myself a huge fan and fascinated with nail polish. As a matter of fact, its already part of my collection aside from my Accessorize Collection of course.. LOL

Crack Nail Polish