Excited for next month's Singapore-Malaysia Trip!

I was quite hesitant to open up the planned Singapore-Malaysia trip next month to my mom because she might stop me from going. Moments ago, she asked about "Promo Fare" of Cebu Pacific. Told myself this is the right time to open it up to her. I smiled at her and uttered "We booked a flight bound for Singapore next month at a very affordable price". =) ..and that's the end of our conversation. At least, she already knew about it.

So excited to witness how beautiful those places are! =) Now, I am worry-free! Till then... mwah~!


  1. Jonha Ducayag Revesencio Says:

    Haha! Nice move, though I do not usually approve such act, I find it both amusing and effective. Perhaps I could try that with my mom, haha