Happy Heart's Day! ♥♥♥

Happy Valentines DayThis gonna be my first post for the year 2010. I can not think of any interesting topic to post nor I don't have the drive to update this either. I understand if those people who kept on visiting me here will attempt to beginning hate this blog. Hehe.

Well, this year's Valentine's Day will be a memorable one for me. Any wild guess? Hehe. I'm going to celebrate it with my special someone. I've been single for a year, so I think it's time to give my heart a chance to love and be loved in return.I already have an idea on what to give to him on Valentine's Day. I just hope he'll like it. Anyway, we will going to celebrate it in advance. I don't want to just stroll around the malls to crowd in with lots of people but I want something that both of us will enjoy. We already had a list of activities so hopefully we have enough time to accomplished all of those. Valentines doesn't oblige anyone to give a very expensive present to their special someone, right? Just as long as you two are together and promise to love each other whole-heartedly and that would be it.

Spend the Valentines with your special someone and make it meaningful! :)


  1. Anonymous Says:

    嗯~蠻不錯耶~~我喜歡 ∩ 3∩........................................