Cagayan, Here we Come!

I am excited to know I'm one of the attendees for the upcoming 3rd Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2009 which will be held in Cagayan de Oro City on October 24, 2009. At first, I didn't bother myself to join such event aside from the fact that the location which the event will be held to is too far from Davao and I am quite unsure if there's someone I knew who is willing to travel all the way to Cagayan just to witnessed the much-awaited-event of the year. Until I found that some of my day shift friends will be attending the Bloggers Summit. That made me changed up my mind and decided to go with them rather.. Weeeee.. This group of people aren't new to me. Since I already spent some time going out with them. So it isn't that hard for me to intermingle with them. :) I even asked Tammy if she's willing to go with us and she uttered "yes" and that made the event more exciting. Weeeee..

Upon doing the pre-registration, the group has decided to choose "Package 2" in which we are committed to pay 1,000. The payment of 1k includes: Event Registration, Morning/Afternoon Snacks, Lunch plus White Water Rafting. They were all looking forward to this extreme sport activity except me. :( I am too afraid to try it though. :( Well, let us see for the next couple of weeks. Hehehe..

We will leave Davao on the 23rd of October. For now, I'm just going to pray that everything will run smoothly. I am leaving it all to God. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself but to get excited for the event and for the planned "Side Trips".. Weeeee..


  1. Blogger Says:

    raqs, cenxa na dli jd ko mka-ad2 dira.. hehe.. kay na conflict sa sched and nahadlok pd ko sa weather in the first place..

    enjoy mu.. bisitaha pud ko diri oi..... :D


  2. Chai Says:

    and to answer your prayer, here i am. commenting on your blog.

    gudluck nalang gyud sa inyong trip megs. there really is a reason for you to get excited especially sa RAFTING.HAHAHA

    have a happy trip :)

  3. Raquel Says:

    @MCCoolot: Nah! Was nakoy plano muadto dira Jorich. :D Adto na lang diri Davao oi. kaw buh.. hehe.. amping.. :)

    @ Chai: Waaaaaa... Sa rafting jud ko wala na excite megs.. huhuhu.. talawitot biya kaau ko.. :( werla na ni..

    Geh lang, mag pray lang ko kay papa Jesus.. Weeeeeee.. Miss you Megs! ;)

  4. Dave DeWall Says:

    Hi Raquel, enjoyed checking out your blog, some good posts, and a lot of photos,good website.
    I'm an Americano living near Iloilo and enjoying the nice weather here since the rain has stopped (for the moment.) Salamat!