Off from Work

It was Tuesday night when I prepare myself to report for work. Took a bath, ate dinner, fixed my hair and dressed up. Personally, I was not feeling well on that day. I kept complaining to my mom how I was feeling.. She gets mad upon hearing it and uttered "If you're not feeling very good, then why push yourself to go to work? Stay in the house and take a rest.." Yeah.. I guess she's right. What I did was, I informed some of my officemates to let our AS know that I'll be absent on that day. I said to myself that if my fever won't go down then I need to see a doctor soonest possible. Morning came and still my body is feeling weak. :-( I still have high fever, colds and cough. All the foods I ate are tasteless. They even tasted bitter.. Yikes! My mom accompany me when heading to the Doctor. The doctor examined me and found to have respiratory infection. Thank God! There's no serious illness. He prescribed me medicines. My mom and I went to the nearest drugstore to buy some of them.. Actually, this is the first time I filed a 2 day Sick Leave.. I didn't want to.. :-( This is against my will.. haha.. Well, one thing I learned about my personal experience is that we should take care of ourselves. We should never take them for granted. Whenever we're feeling bad, it would be better to take medicines right away before it gets worsen.. ;)

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