♥Airforce C130 missing after takeoff♥

Airforce C130 missing after take off■ It was Monday night, when the Airforce C130 (with 2 pilots and 7 crewmembers) takeoff from Davao City International Airport for a flight to Iloilo City to pick up Presidential Security Group that were supposedly bound for Manila.

It has been reported that the Philippine Air Force (PAF) has lost its contact with the plane 2 minutes after take off. And lately it was found out that the Airforce C130 has no Black Box. (It is a device where the flight data and cockpit voice are being recorded. and it's responsible for recording all communications in the cockpit of an aircraft.)

Airforce chief Lt. Gen. Pedrito Cadungog said, "the aircraft most probably crashed". Some witnesses said that the aircraft c130 was hit by lightning and others said it maybe a Sabotage. PAF mentioned that it would be easier for them to investigate on what's the reason why the aircraft crashed if they'd only find the propeller, wing/s of the aircraft. Now, the Airforce C130 has been tagged as the "flying coffin". Let us all hope and pray that Philippine Coast Guard in coordination with Philippine Navy, will be able to find the victims. [-o<
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