♥ Friendster Updates ♥

I am not used to update my Friendster account. I find it boring. Nothing special for me, i guess. Even a 10 year old boy has a FS account! What?!! It isn't a good example for them, i think. I would rather divert my time on updating my blog to gain more traffic and to earn extra money. But due to boredom, I ended up logging in to my FS account. There I saw some updates on my friend's lives. I commented on some of their photos when I happen to visit the account of shotdiha. I don't know who among my classmates created this account. One thing's for sure it's created exclusively for us. I was laughing to death when I opened the photos under "Life after College" (hmmm not really sure the exact folder name but sounds like). Whew! one of my photo is in there! I was shocked! Thank goodness they had chosen a nice photo of me! hehe..

I am quite busy with my work that's why i can only login to my FS account once in a blue moon! My officemates are fond of Facebook. As what they said, Friendster is OUT, Facebook is IN. Facebook is much way better in terms of application than that of Friendster.